Usain Bolt Parties during Oktoberfest
Usain Bolt Parties during Oktoberfest
Usain Bolt Parties during Oktoberfest. Usain Bolt sports lederhosen, parties the oom-pah-pah out of Oktoberfest
Member reactions:
First black sud-tyroler, great caricature.
Nice perspective. I like the way this is presented.

Funny Dance Party at the `Palace`

Dance Party at the `Palace`
Of course, not the REAL palace just a club where guys who like to dress up can come and get down. The private party's through the booth -shhhh.
Member reactions:
I liked in England for two years and this brings back some great memories of Friday dance parties at the clubs. Thanks, Hidden. Excellent light and shadow work here

Funny wounded by gunfire at a party

 wounded by gunfire at a party
Three wounded by gunfire at a party for Chris Brown
Member reactions:
Excellent work. I would make their bodies larger, or their heads smaller, because the difference in head and body size is so big that it's hard to associate these bodies with these heads.
Amazing chop,This is Killing gunfire party.
It's still a fine work though the heads are still huge, but not sure why the party is happening at some Gothic chapel all of a sudden.
very good work, awesome colors . Congratz man

Funny The After Party

The After Party
Happy Birthday
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha . Did she drink too much beer. (in that position...)

Funny Party!

Seemed kind of obvious. Original drums background by Alvimann (morguefile)
Member reactions:
Seamless blending of the main source - looks real. I would slightly blur the German logo on the front drum to match the drum source photo
Done. Thanks (I should have seen that - argh).
Impressive and realistic chop. One doubt. Is the black thing on the right of the image the seat .
Yeah, but he is too fired up to sit down.
Excellent Job, working Muller into the drums.. Silver Congrats, Msgt...
Ha. Because I screwed up. Nice catch.
Congratulations on the silver ...........

Funny Ready To Party At Morraine Lake, Alberta

Ready To Party At Morraine Lake, Alberta

Funny UR invite to a Democratic Party

UR invite to a Democratic Party
Member reactions:
Putting a big bunch of elements all togather offen doesn't bring to the top.
Wild party, but such crowded chops are a bit heavy for the eye, in my opinion

Funny Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party
Masquerade parties are a lot of fun. This woman likes cats so she found the perfect cat mask to wear to the party. mixed media

Funny party beer

party beer
Member reactions:
Check your mailbox (hope the email we have on your FN account is still valid)
Thank you, Newsmaster, pcrdds and retral. (checked the mail, Newsy. sorry for the late response)
Thank you, silvercanine & deaddog. Let's hope you are right about the "hard to beat" part, hehe.
Congrads on the Silver cup, U back with a bang.
Congrats Jeremix, awesome idea and the arm work is perfect.
CONGRATS J Mix, love the way you got jiggy with it.. My Fav..
I love this.... Excellent job and effects. Hard to teach such vision and skill. Congrats on the cup. 1/10 of a point separation.... Whew
Freaking good work, congrats for silver Jere.

Funny PARTY LIKE IT`S 1929

Member reactions:
Sort of strange and wonderful. Nice one...

Funny Democratic Party

Democratic Party
What changes might occur in the Democratic Party now that Howard Dean assumes this leadership position and how will the Republicans react? Create images of what you think Howard Dean might do to rebuild the Democratic Party or images of how the Republican Party might react to this news.

Funny Party Animals

Party Animals
Create images of how animals party with each other, or create supplies and beverages for a party with an animal theme.

Funny Green Party

Green Party
Show what life will be like if Nader and Green Party run the country. Exaggerated viewpoints based on your clan's stand is strongly encouraged.

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