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Funny Party Pictures

party  70 diana rossFunny party 70 diana ross
Member reactions:

Haa Putin got what he deserves great chop with well illuminated... Like the vodka and the gift of Obama here good one
Fine job, congrats on the gold. You wavered on the likeness a little but you haven't seen her for five generations like a lot of us. I notice if you are not real familiar with a celeb it is very easy to wander away from the likeness. Big lesson there for all choppers. Like Luciano said, impressive use of colors. Very sweet.
Congrats on the gold, Elegary. Many fine touches in this chop

The Tea PartyFunny The Tea Party
Member reactions:

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great work as always but,,, the perspective of the table top, tea pot and the cups don't match...
Always great these composition. This time I would suggest you to reduce the shadows of the broken cup, the small ball and the painting on the right. They looks a bit far from the objects
Thanks guys, fixed it, hope this is better.
Very funny, Kitty Tea party of the Bird's
This is a freaking work of art. Congrats on the bronze, hobbit.
Good one as always, congrats on the bronze.
Congratulations on the cup Hobbit. Down to the wire, One Gem of an OOB.
Clean, Beautiful, imaginative. Sweet all around chop. It deserves a gold cup. Congrats
Congrats on the Bronze, hobbit90 you've really developed a great style with this series of 3-D art.

Obama prepares a `bubble bath party`Funny Obama prepares a `bubble bath party`
Member reactions:

Ha ha ha nice idea, this party would remain in history ever
Obama trying to melt some ice in this polar wind shift. clean job
Another pointless project hahahaaha. Probably Michelle said, "Do something will ya. Get out of the house."
This is foam or moss in fact, i had problem to find the good word, but its true it looks like a bit ice, in source picture it was foam or scum of a wave You're so right Hitspinner . Maybe now i have to make the party it can be funny

Ready to PartyFunny Ready to Party
Member reactions:

What has 2 fingers & is ready to party.... THIS GUY.
Thank you Newsy, Geriatric, Luciano & Kellie.
Awesome Lets Party marry chritmas and happy new year
A perfect birthday gift given to Samuel to party.... Love those expensive wines and Hot Girl behind him Great Job
Thanks all... I had alot of fun on this one.
That's the way it is when you create a good one. Generally pretty satisfying
Congrats on the gold but couldn't you have put a good bottle of single malt scotch and better cognac in the chop. if he's going to do this do it right.

Socialist Birthday PartyFunny Socialist Birthday Party
Member reactions:

Very well merged Nice texture Best of luck
Thank you Balodiya, Jim, Toledoeagle, Pat, Luciano and Kellie.
Incredible look given to him.... good work on the caricature and the Cigar with smoke is really dashing view well done
You have given him an awesome "Che" style here...
Exactly Newsey, thanks and thanks to Rajesh
Congrats Hits, I love the skin texturing and the eyes look fantastic.

Party all the TimeFunny Party all the Time
Member reactions:

Party On Dudes!Funny Party On Dudes!
Member reactions:

Party time... Nice FN red carrot cake.
Bronze congrats, Nanny. and thank you for the cake
Smart choices for your cover, Nanny. Great tribute, Bronze Cup Congrats Nanny.

Party FashionFunny Party Fashion
Member reactions:

Talk about style, this birdie means business. Amazing stuff
Top on the line chop, congrats on the win.
Only 12 layers deep this time. Thanks all
Congratulations Hitspinner.I like these colors,simply fantastic.
Woody for Hitman too, woo hooooo. Congrats again.

Obamanation PartyFunny Obamanation Party
Member reactions:

Annual Whitehouse Party Obamas Plan Halloween Party
Wander how much we will be paying for this. He really likes to spend the tax payers money and all we get is SH...
Obama looks full funny.... with multiple eyes and the man-meaty goodness roach creeping over his body is really hilarious He look scary and funny Halloween
Congratulations. Now, I feel like he looks.
, am I surprised. Judging by the early voters, this was way down the list and I wrote it off. Imagine my surprise to come home from a day of Honey Buy This and see it top chop. Thanks Doc, Newsey,Champ, Rajesh, Nanny, Hobbit and DMan. Hobbit, I have no idea what to expect next. I have never in my entire life felt so disconnected from my elected representatives
wonderful job my friend...Golden congrats buddy

Diplomacy After PartyFunny Diplomacy After Party
Member reactions:

Diplomatically, Putin handed Obama his lunch, but on the dance floor it was all about American exceptionalism.

Democratic PartyFunny Democratic Party - What changes might occur in the Democratic Party now that Howard Dean assumes this leadership position and how will the Republicans react? Create images of what you think Howard Dean might do to rebuild the Democratic Party or images of how the Republican Party might react to this news.

Party AnimalsFunny Party Animals - Create images of how animals party with each other, or create supplies and beverages for a party with an animal theme.

Green PartyFunny Green Party - Show what life will be like if Nader and Green Party run the country. Exaggerated viewpoints based on your clan's stand is strongly encouraged.

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