The After Party
The After Party
The After Party. Happy Birthday. Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha . Did she drink too much beer. (in that position...)

Funny Party!

Seemed kind of obvious.Original drums background by Alvimann (morguefile). Member reactions:
Seamless blending of the main source - looks real.I would slightly blur the German logo on the front drum to match the drum source photo
Done. Thanks (I should have seen that - argh).
Impressive and realistic chop. One doubt. Is the black thing on the right of the image the seat .
Yeah, but he is too fired up to sit down.
Excellent Job, working Muller into the drums.. Silver Congrats, Msgt...
compliments. nice chop, I wonder why the ride cymbal, --> right mixed media

Funny party beer

party beer
. Member reactions:
Check your mailbox (hope the email we have on your FN account is still valid)
Thank you, Newsmaster, pcrdds and retral.(checked the mail, Newsy. sorry for the late response)
"now thats sooo coool"...Excellent job..tottaly fantastic.
Thank you, silvercanine & deaddog. Let's hope you are right about the "hard to beat" part, hehe.
Congrads on the Silver cup, U back with a bang.
Congrats Jeremix, awesome idea and the arm work is perfect.
CONGRATS J Mix, love the way you got jiggy with it.. My Fav..
I love this.... Excellent job and effects. Hard to teach such vision and skill. Congrats on the cup. 1/10 of a point separation.... Whew
Freaking good work, congrats for silver Jere.

Funny PARTY LIKE IT`S 1929

. Member reactions:
Sort of strange and wonderful. Nice one...

Funny party 70 diana ross

party  70 diana ross
. Member reactions:
Haa Putin got what he deserves great chop with well illuminated... Like the vodka and the gift of Obama here good one
Fine job, congrats on the gold. You wavered on the likeness a little but you haven't seen her for five generations like a lot of us. I notice if you are not real familiar with a celeb it is very easy to wander away from the likeness. Big lesson there for all choppers. Like Luciano said, impressive use of colors. Very sweet.
Congrats on the gold, Elegary.Many fine touches in this chop

Funny The Tea Party

The Tea Party
Please View Full. Member reactions:
great work as always but,,,the perspective of the table top, tea pot and the cups don't match...
Always great these composition. This time I would suggest you to reduce the shadows of the broken cup, the small ball and the painting on the right. They looks a bit far from the objects
Thanks guys, fixed it, hope this is better.
Very funny, Kitty Tea party of the Bird's
This is a freaking work of art.Congrats on the bronze, hobbit.
Good one as always, congrats on the bronze.
Congratulations on the cup Hobbit. Down to the wire, One Gem of an OOB.
Clean, Beautiful, imaginative. Sweet all around chop. It deserves a gold cup. Congrats
Congrats on the Bronze, hobbit90 you've really developed a great style with this series of 3-D art.

Funny Obama prepares a `bubble bath party`

Obama prepares a `bubble bath party`
. Member reactions:
Ha ha ha nice idea, this party would remain in history ever
Obama trying to melt some ice in this polar wind shift. clean job
Another pointless project hahahaaha. Probably Michelle said, "Do something will ya. Get out of the house."
This is foam or moss in fact, i had problem to find the good word, but its true it looks like a bit ice, in source picture it was foam or scum of a wave You're so right Hitspinner . Maybe now i have to make the party it can be funny

Funny Democratic Party

Democratic Party
What changes might occur in the Democratic Party now that Howard Dean assumes this leadership position and how will the Republicans react? Create images of what you think Howard Dean might do to rebuild the Democratic Party or images of how the Republican Party might react to this news.

Funny Party Animals

Party Animals
Create images of how animals party with each other, or create supplies and beverages for a party with an animal theme.

Funny Green Party

Green Party
Show what life will be like if Nader and Green Party run the country. Exaggerated viewpoints based on your clan's stand is strongly encouraged.

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