Let's Party
Let's Party
Let's Party. Member reactions:
I like the layout of this but it doesn't look like Kanye.

Funny Garden Party

Garden Party

Funny Bush Sr. Birthday Party with Bill Clinton

Bush Sr. Birthday Party with Bill Clinton
Bush Birthday Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton are very good friends. Credit to: ANDREW COWIE / BARCROFT MEDIA for the pic of the Bunnies
Member reactions:
I don't know about everything else, but you need to credit "ANDREW COWIE / BARCROFT MEDIA" for the use of the bunnies.
Credit posted, Bob.
Bush Sr becomes naughty at ninety like the innovative cake
Happy Birthday to Bush Dad and Congratulations to Paul on the gold.

Funny Hillary Watch Party

Hillary Watch Party
Hillary Watch Party In Iowa Draws Five People
Member reactions:
the cringing lemon,,, If she bit into a lemon it would make a funny face.

Funny Bruce Willis' Birthday Party

Bruce Willis' Birthday Party

Funny Renoir's Party all Night Painting

Renoir's Party all Night Painting
Member reactions:
Motława River and waterfront at night - Gdansk, Poland
Tell me is Obama Charlie Chaplin or Hitler. Great Work.
Beautiful colorization. I think I know the man with mustaches.
My favorite in the contest. Congrats, HoHouse.
Sorry Luciano, u do not know that mustache
Brilliant color scheme. Congrats on the silver HH.
Congrats on the silver, Double-H. Love this one.

Funny Monster Elvis at a Zombie Party

Monster Elvis at a Zombie Party
Get yourself a little bit of rock 'n roll, party down with Elvis to your blue green zombie soul.
Member reactions:
nice work, swashbuckle. he lookws like stephen king. congrats.
My sincere thanks to all for helping to educate my eye. And sometimes we just get lucky.

Funny Barack Obama's Pizza Party

Barack Obama's Pizza Party
Member reactions:
Why in b/w . And logos on background pic .
Its a creepy pizza party... Only Rats love it Where is the Raven here It must be on the guest list good one like the creepy situation and the scary pic behind him good one
His expression on face fits in with the picture. He doesn't seem to mind his animal guests.
I cannot describe how gross that pie is hahahahahaahahah Nice one.

Funny Katy Perry's 30th Birthday Party

Katy Perry's 30th Birthday Party

Funny Dance Party at Buckingham Palace

Dance Party at Buckingham Palace
Of course, not the REAL palace just a club where guys who like to dress up can come and get down. The private party's through the booth -shhhh.
Member reactions:
I liked in England for two years and this brings back some great memories of Friday dance parties at the clubs. Thanks, Hidden. Excellent light and shadow work here

Funny Democratic Party

Democratic Party
What changes might occur in the Democratic Party now that Howard Dean assumes this leadership position and how will the Republicans react? Create images of what you think Howard Dean might do to rebuild the Democratic Party or images of how the Republican Party might react to this news.

Funny Party Animals

Party Animals
Create images of how animals party with each other, or create supplies and beverages for a party with an animal theme.

Funny Green Party

Green Party
Show what life will be like if Nader and Green Party run the country. Exaggerated viewpoints based on your clan's stand is strongly encouraged.

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