A terrible morning headache after evening party
A terrible morning headache after evening party
A terrible morning headache after evening party. Member reactions:
Woody for Wanderer. , you have gotten better than me... Congrats
Thank you, Mr.Hits. It is only woody trophy. It happened accidentally. Next contest it will be back to standard. Really we play here for fun and if picture is good it will leave in internet for long time. Yours are classic for me. You right some votes from the last are not fair, but I don't care.
It's the undeserved 6s on anybody's chops that should get everyone's hackles up that has a passion and love for the site. It sends the really super duper choppers packing. In this contest we had a bad apple with considerable Karma. The results may very well have been the same. This was a tough competition but when somebody is irresponsible with the destructive voting you have to wonder, "What if, that person didn't vote." We've all been there but it usually comes from 1 karma voters of no consequence. When a big karma voter does it, it's as visible as a car crash. As for you, you honestly, are at the threshold of a big breakout. You are going to the next level. We reach plateaus and it seems like we will never break out, then boom, you're chopping at a whole new level. It happens to everyone that keeps trying to improve. I think I am at the same point. I am unsatisfied with everything I do, very uninspired. So, I'll improve or quit. Maybe take up fly counting as a past time. Cheers

Funny Party like an Irish American Aussie.

Party like an Irish American Aussie.
Mel Gibson's mother was an Irish Immigrant.
Member reactions:
Green in the mouth, but still darn cute.
Thanks Hobbit90 edited it more in the shape of a green tongue as this isn't his the first green pint of the shenanigans. will need to refresh the page to notice. Cheers CraftyOne.
There is a green streak on the left side of his beard but isn't showing on full view and original.
Thanks Wanderer my first gold. I'm going to to take the trophy to bed with me.
Thanks to everyone who voted. Helping me achieve my first gold. 😎 Celebratory drinks are commencing 🍻 Cheers peeps. 🏆
Thanks Kellie
Happy St. Pats to you too and congrats on 1st and a great chop
Thanks Hitspinner. Congrats on Silver. 🍻
Hey, tongue looks good now, congrats on the gold.
Cheers Hobbit👍🏼 happy chopping 😎
Congratulations PS .. You found the Pot of Gold...
Man, you have excellent skills. Soon your trophy shelf will be overloaded and you have to cash-out of your credits to buy new one.
That's very encouraging Wanderer THANKYOU. I wish

Funny Hair loss in The Democratic Party Paradise

Hair loss in The Democratic Party Paradise

Funny Party Animal

Party Animal

Funny happy birthday party

happy birthday party

Funny The BiPartisan Political Boating Party by Renoir

The BiPartisan Political Boating Party by Renoir

Funny Skeletons and Ghosts Having a Party

Skeletons and Ghosts Having a Party

Funny Kanye West's Election Win Party

Kanye West's Election Win Party
Member reactions:
I like the layout of this but it doesn't look like Kanye.

Funny Broke 50 Cent at a Garden Party

Broke 50 Cent at a Garden Party

Funny Bush Sr. Birthday Party with Bill Clinton

Bush Sr. Birthday Party with Bill Clinton
Bush Birthday Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton are very good friends. Credit to: ANDREW COWIE / BARCROFT MEDIA for the pic of the Bunnies
Member reactions:
I don't know about everything else, but you need to credit "ANDREW COWIE / BARCROFT MEDIA" for the use of the bunnies.
Credit posted, Bob.
Bush Sr becomes naughty at ninety like the innovative cake
Happy Birthday to Bush Dad and Congratulations to Paul on the gold.

Funny The Queen's Party Outfit

The Queen's Party Outfit
The Queen recently got her party on (by which we mean she made a rare nighttime appearance with friends at The Ivy), and was spotted holding a purse. But this wasn't just any basic Birkin Bag—her majesty was seen with a clutch that had what appears to be an image of her sister Princess Margaret (along with her children Lady Sarah Chatto and Earl of Snowdon David Armstrong Jones) on it. Turn any celebrity or politician into the British Queen! IMPORTANT NOTE: No cartoons or caricatures, try to make your Queen as real and believable as you can! For more background on this story Visit This Link

Funny Democratic Party

Democratic Party
What changes might occur in the Democratic Party now that Howard Dean assumes this leadership position and how will the Republicans react? Create images of what you think Howard Dean might do to rebuild the Democratic Party or images of how the Republican Party might react to this news.

Funny Party Animals

Party Animals
Create images of how animals party with each other, or create supplies and beverages for a party with an animal theme.

Funny Green Party

Green Party
Show what life will be like if Nader and Green Party run the country. Exaggerated viewpoints based on your clan's stand is strongly encouraged.

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