Parting is such Sweet Sorrow
Parting is such Sweet Sorrow
Parting is such Sweet Sorrow.

Funny Part of the Show

Part of the Show
Member reactions:
Funny try but dancers shadows are not correct. I would also give some rotation to the apples.
I like the composition. Shadows from the dancers need to be redone, because now it looks like they are dancing in front of the flat background

Funny Ben Bernanke With Part of Bashar Assad's Face

Ben Bernanke With Part of Bashar Assad's Face

Funny Resolution : Start Dressing the Part

Resolution : Start Dressing the Part
my internet is going out, so this'll probably suck just as much tomorrow
Member reactions:
, that was my Halloween costume last year.
Nice costume for Obama... and what about the girls.... they did not not have any dress..... Obama looks cool and like a king of girls following

Funny get a part in news pirate movie

get a part in news pirate movie
Member reactions:
Ooh strange light area showing there I'm fixing it now , should be better now sorry
Great job, nice to see him winning and his others inmates following him ....


Member reactions:
This Chop's a Blast. Caught my eye a lot earlier . . . Googled around a bit on names and organizations listed in bottom credits. Whatever source, me-thinks credits added, etc., Source(s). ., kinda. "Nuclear Weapons, Use 'em or Lose 'em."
Looks like a real poster and well done with including the credits make the image more real
Gets the message across that nuclear weapons are VERY bad news. Shame Kim of North Korea doesn't seem to understand.

Funny Submarine Parting Sea

Submarine Parting Sea
check out all my detail.....I hope you enjoy
Member reactions:
I would decrease the contrast - some shadows are too dark. Magnificent job otherwise.

Funny Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part
Note: Did you know : 1 out of 3 marriages ends up in divorce .. And those might just be the good ones
Member reactions:
This scenario could be a James Ellroy novel.

Funny Octopus Driving Car Parts

Octopus Driving Car Parts
Member reactions:
Love the composition. However I would get rid of the masking black debris on the car - it feels like a black outline on the car

Funny I Am Legend Part 2

I Am Legend Part 2
I Am Legend 2 (2011)
Member reactions:
Decent poster work. the green hairdo. Not sure I'll watch the sequel though. I was not too impressed by the original flick.
The only thing that hooked me on that film was Will. I gave it a pass just because of him... love his stuff generally. Since this second flick seems to be a prequil, it might have promise. Nice chop
Thanx everyone and yeah the first movie wasn't " that" good but we saw it only Bcuz of Will Smith ^^

Funny Body Parts

Body Parts
With the recent health care advances, more and more people receive complex organ transplants which were not possible years ago. The trend even got into Hollywood: the recent movie "The Eye" (2008) shows the main heroine undergoing a cornea transplant which gives her strange visions. The 2003 Oscar-winning movie "21 Gram" shows a person who receives a heart transplant, and how it changes his life. Photoshop how life would be different if the human body were easily assembled with the replaceable body parts (just like cars or any other industrial products). Here is a good example. You are encouraged to be more creative than just doing cyborgs.

Funny Extra Body Parts

Extra Body Parts
Create new and odd appendages for humans including new hands, new feet, legs and toes.

Funny Human Body Parts

Human Body Parts
Create images showing amazing and unique human body parts that might make it into the Guinness Book of World records using celebrities or politicians.

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