Jim Parsons with a Small Face
Jim Parsons with a Small Face
Jim Parsons with a Small Face. Member reactions:
Nice job Evirio.

Funny Jim Parsons in a Tutu

Jim Parsons in a Tutu
Happy Birthday Mr. Jim Parsons
Member reactions:
Thanks built him piece by piece
Like the work behind his head... looks great
What chou doin letting those two up there whoop you girl.... Hahahaha I could tell this one was a pro build right off. Great job, Pree quality. Congrats on the Bronze. Fav
Bronze congrats, Miss Pree. Very, very nicely done.

Funny Jim Parsons as a Woman

Jim Parsons as a Woman

Funny Jim Parsons as a Girl

Jim Parsons as a Girl
Jim parsons gender change
Member reactions:
good blending... no marks seen clean job
...I do not know who Jim Parsons is, but he looks a lot like my cousin Tom. Nice work opcrom.

Funny Jim Parsons Bobblehead Holding His Golden Globe

Jim Parsons Bobblehead Holding His Golden Globe
Member reactions:
Really clean work. Only wonder if the shadow is in the right place.
Big head deserves big awards well done like it
Hmmm my first comment didn't take... Oh well, Bazing... Love big bang chop, love the show and everything connected. Always great chops fromk you, Doc.
Thanks, Icy. Thanks, eric. Thanks, raj.

Funny Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper Caricature

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper Caricature
Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper / caricature portrait BEST VIEW Reruns takes 'Big Bang' to new heights Happy 40th Birthday Jim Parsons 3/24/13
Member reactions:
Another incredible one. Hmmmm...I just cannot figure out who did this masterpiece. .
New here so I spent some time looking up some of your stuff. Nice work. Two questions pertaining to this one. Should the reflections in the helmet be stars and plazma instead of day light. Second was the clipping path on his left shoulder intentional. Not meaning to offend. I'm here to learn. Just curious. ; )
Thanks pcrdds, Thanks Bmore He's standing in front of a starfield background there are no stars in front of him it wasn't a clipping path, I wouldn't allow that it was the natural reflection that was on the original body source how's it look now P.S. How was it exactly, that you looked up a "hidden author's" stuff.
I may be new, but I'm a quick study. Lol. I always appreciate constructive tips. I figure anyone as good as yourself would also. ; ) I have found those that are truly talented are confident enough to bare it. Looks great...
Well instead of raising you another Amy Farrah Fowler I'll just say "BAZINGA." congrats in advance.
Is there some reason that you used the word Bazinga. As a stout member of CAFW, Choppers Against Fictitious Words, I, we believe that the use of such words as made mention in your amazing work like bazillion and ax me and others are the root of the breakdown of American society, I mean really... what is a bazillion, what is bazinga. The use of made up words from Hollywood is tearing apart our fabric. I mean... really come on hidden. Please excuse my English.
maybe you meant, "excuse my anguish" hey man, chill I'm just chopping here. The chop features the Sheldon character of the show, and that's a catch phrase of his, which makes it relevant to the image as any other relevant element might be used in any chop. I'm not sure what you're referring to in regards to the words bazillion and ax me that you mentioned I've used in my work don't recall that. Sorry you're so frustrated by a television star's catch phrase I never thought it would offend anyone. Thanks for the "amazing work" part of your rant, er I mean, comment.
Nice portrait with a freaky eye expression and nice helmet with bang of rays emitting out to create a new theory good one like your chop
Awesome. Nice concept and very well executed
A Masterpiece.. Mentor chop for me again.. Awesome finishing and HD quality in each pixel
Ha, DD you can't stop it. May as well swing your sword at windmills or shoot Gene Roddenberry for the word, "Vulcan." hahahahaha But having spent a fortune studying English... I understand. Hidden, you aced this one.
words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as they make their way across the universe JWL
Uh, just to help clear/muddy the water. http://www.youtube.com/watch.v=u85u2ymDl8M
Many Thanks to everyone. a special thanks to Bmore for the "constructive" critique and I hope there's no hard feelings d-dog, there were surely none intended nor expected.
Just funning with ya. I was bored. Congrats... or should I say BAZINGA. Sorry for my english.. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhah.
A freaking beauty, I say. Congrats on the gold, Bill.

Funny Jim Parsons in Draag

Jim Parsons in Draag

Funny Jim Parsons the Cause Of Super Bowl Blackout

Jim Parsons the Cause Of Super Bowl Blackout
The cause of the Super Bowl blackout has been determined I think Jim Parsons, star of "The Big Bang Theory," might have had something to do with it, too. Who knows.
Member reactions:
Great job done Nice expression and nice Effects used
Dang dude, do you even take time to visit the potty. Hahahahahaa man, as proliffic as Mundo
Thanks, Tim. Nope...no potty for me. Thanks, Newsy.

Funny Jim Parsons and Neil Patrick Harris Painting the Statue of Liberty Pink

Jim Parsons and Neil Patrick Harris Painting the Statue of Liberty Pink
Member reactions:
Excellent makeover of Statue of Liberty face studded with pink painting and funny to see Obama and Michell supervising the job
This is more than PS ha ha ha Good expression of your thought
Really funny and well done. Congrats on Bronze.
Congrats, on the Bronze...Paul. Well done my friend, great job....Bravo.
The painted faces of Obama and Michele deserved that bronze. Congrats, pcrdds
Thanks, Bernie...thanks, Zorro...thanks, G-Man, thanks, Lady Sunshin3.

Funny Jim Parsons big head

Jim Parsons big head
Parsons plays "Sheldon" on "The Big Bang Theory"
Member reactions:
well blended good mix of the face in the massive head
A perfect merge, great work looks here. love it, Good luck

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