Colorful Parrot and Insect Hybrid
Colorful Parrot and Insect Hybrid
Colorful Parrot and Insect Hybrid. Dragonfly and Parrot

Funny Bumble Bee Parrot Hybrid

Bumble Bee Parrot Hybrid
Member reactions:
Awesome job with the colors, and parrot bee combo..

Funny Parrot Playing Hockey on a Lake in Winter

Parrot Playing Hockey on a Lake in Winter
Member reactions:
Nice work. Nice reflections and snow effect
Thank you for comments, NewsMaster, Hobbit and Preemiememe.
He's gotta be looking at his Hockey Mom over there.
Don't worry, Mom is always over here. Good idea for next time winter mom and baby.
Wanderer, this is wonderful . Gold congrats ..
Thank you, MsgtBob, Sunshine, NewsMaster and Evirio.

Funny Parrot Wearing a Coat and Hat in Winter in Vermont

Parrot Wearing a Coat and Hat in Winter in Vermont
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Funny Parrot Hug

Parrot Hug
Member reactions:
Ha. Good one Polly...and next I bet you'll want me to pull your finger.

Funny Parrot Wearing a Winter Coat

Parrot Wearing a Winter Coat
All Paddy the Parrot wants for Christmas is a trip to anywhere there's snow Toronto. It'll do.
Member reactions:
Impressive. But might fix some shadows from the bird - it seems to have a uniform close shadow on the right which is cast even on the remote objects, making it look like the background is all flat
And what about some shadows on the bird from the cage bars.
Looking through the window doesn't seem to be so cold.
They are home in a tropical location, preparing to travel, LM.
Ahhhhh Icy a funkwoodish influence. (what a wordsmith. ) Really cute chop deserving of a cup as well. Oh well, top 5 kudos
Thanks, everyone. I see problems NOW, . But I bow to Hitspinner and Funkwood and Preemmie and Hobbit90 as masters of this contest, humble in acceptance of a standing I probably didn't deserve.

Funny Pirate and his Parrot in Winter

Pirate and his Parrot in Winter
Member reactions:
Aye Aye, Captain, we're ready for the winter.
def an A+++ chop sadly underappreciated. Stunning.

Funny Skiing Parrot Eating Campbells Soup

Skiing Parrot Eating Campbells Soup
Member reactions:
That cold nose with a bulb ice is real stuff
Top ten in great company, wonderful wonderland chop.

Funny Many Eyed Parrot

Many Eyed Parrot

Funny Spanish Speaking Parrot

Spanish Speaking Parrot
Parrot missing for years returns speaking Spanish
Member reactions:
So cute hahahahahaha. Lots of skill here. Gets a very well done and high 5 from me

Funny African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Parrots are known to be one of the most intelligent bird species (along with ravens, crows and jays). They have exceptional language learning abilities and can naturally learn over 1000 words and use them in short sentences, as well as give answers to questions. They have been favorite pets of pirates who saw that parrots learned to understand words in several languages (pirate crews were naturally formed with people from different countries speaking different languages as part of the crews from captured ships always joined the Jolly Roger). African gray parrots, in particular, make great pets and develop life-long affection for their owners. (Ask prcdds if you don't believe us). Photoshop this photo of the African grey parrot any way you wish. Many thanks to Snowmanradio for providing the photo.

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