The English Parliament
The English Parliament
The English Parliament. Europe lost World War III with migrants from Middle East and Africa. New English Parliament is coming.

Funny American Parliament Roller Derby

American Parliament Roller Derby
Member reactions:
Nice job, but based on the same composition except the heads, feels a bit like a repeat.
Congratulations for the Bronze, Wander. Like the way u made obama slap joe

Funny Hara-Kiri in Parliament!

Hara-Kiri in Parliament!
Japan PM resigning amid sinking public confidence

Funny Swedish Parliament

Swedish Parliament
Member reactions:
It's a known fact that Stockholm is located on water. Very cool work. Reminds me the old legend that the Earth stands on a big turtle that swims in a sea

Funny Hungarian Parliament Currency Illusion

Hungarian Parliament Currency Illusion

Funny David Beckham Member of Parliament

David Beckham Member of Parliament
Member reactions:
Looks funny in that wig... a new role awaits in the Capitol

Funny Statue in Parliament

Statue in Parliament
The European Parliament with a strange member.

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