Royal visit to Paris
Royal visit to Paris
Royal visit to Paris. A Royal visit to Paris, by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in the rain.
Member reactions:
Make them a bit blurry like the other people and you'll be at the top.
If you look at the original you will see the Royal couple are slightly blurred, also textured. Compression seems to have affected the appearance. Thank you for your advice Luciano.
Modern umbrellas are much thinner so will not be as firm as the others.

Funny Napoleon - F.C. PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN striker

Napoleon - F.C. PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN striker
Member reactions:
Lol the trophy, good one.
Go to the top, change the sponsor with one of the loser russian teams
Love what you did, though the shoes and the bag need some shadows. The 2nd place trophy for Waterloo is a hoot.
Congratz on the Bronze, Wanderer.. Wonderful color scheme

Funny Rent a CitroŽn 2CV in Paris

Rent a CitroŽn 2CV in Paris
Member reactions:
Cool beans
So funny this entry. Hope the FN man is not someone we know.

Funny Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
Member reactions:
I hate her so I hope she sees this. Other than some texture loss under the chin where there's a bright line, this is good.

Funny The Leaning Tower Of Paris

The Leaning Tower Of Paris

Funny Edgas Degas in Paris

Edgas Degas in Paris
Member reactions:
All hot girls together in Paris with Degas

Funny The Last Time I Saw Paris

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Funny Crybaby Paris Hilton

Crybaby Paris Hilton

Funny Paris Hilton in the Army

Paris Hilton  in the Army
Member reactions:
Who slapped her

Funny Artie Lange in Paris

Artie Lange in Paris
Artie Lange Arrested in Paris
Member reactions:
MMMM , i wonder who did this one ... , Love this Chop alot, but just wondering why the dogs & not the French Police in this ....
i used french dogs instead, they represent the Gendarmerie * really poodles are from German decent
, i knew there was a explanation for that . I was thinking french Poodles .... Anyway , its a great chop you did ....
I'm scratching my head trying to figure out who could have done this beauty. Hmmmmmmmmm...nope...can't figure it out. .
French Police / Canine Division ... where every dog can have his day. Great chop, "hidden"
Great show of dogs love to him very funny and nice job done like the dog with a hat on the corner....
Excellent Seems of Pet Lover I too Love the Pets Great job done
Bho-bho-bho Brilliant work fantastic chop I can see some smoke going inside that big freaking Dog lovely work good luck
Congrats on the gold Kerri , you deserved this one .....
Love the dog in the background Lol. Congrats Pree . Great job .
Thanks Eric,,,QT..Disasterman ,,balodiya ..Sunshin3..Rashesh ,,BOULPIX ,,Chili..pcrdds..
So many great doggies and expressions, but the jumping dog is a cherry on top. Congrats on the gold, Pree.
Congrats on the Gold pree Ö The dogs have their day. (except for Artie, that is Ö )

Funny Paris Hilton Blackout

Paris Hilton Blackout
For the sake of a media experiment, the Associated Press didn't publish any news about Paris Hilton, banning her for a week. What a coincidence. Some guy Paris met at a bar was also banging her for a week. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton blackout by showing what things Paris did that didn't make it into the news due to Hilton ban by the Associated Press. Alternatively show what publicity stunts Paris will be doing to get back into the news after she was ignored for a week. Making your entries as magazine covers is a plus.

Funny Paris Hilton in Handcuffs

Paris Hilton in Handcuffs
[ Thursday morning Paris Hilton was handcuffed by the police and charged with DUI. Hours after she was released, Paris Hilton called Ryan Seacrest's morning show on LA's KIIS-FM to issue a statement that she was not charged with DUI and the whole case was "nothing", which contradicts statements from Los Angeles Police Department. ] You know, cops may be the most bothersome bastards on earth, but sometimes they do their job right. And if they put handcuffs on you they have good damn reasons to do it. So Paris Hilton was stopped and handcuffed because either she was driving under influence (which she denies), or because she looked like a hooker working the late shift. When she was handcuffed, she screamed "How dare you! I'm Paris F***ing Hilton, and I stay celibate for a year!" After which, the cops slapped her ass, gave her twenty, and let her go. End of story. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton handcuffed in whatever environment you choose (as long as it's Safe For Work). Paris can be shown e.g. in jail or in "normal" life, wearing casual, formal, or jail clothes, but she has to be shown in handcuffs.

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