Paris Gothic
Paris Gothic
Paris Gothic. Vova & Doni
Member reactions:
Another great version of American Gothic. Flag scrap a nice touch.
Top 5 congrats An70. Welcome back, and hope to see more of your art.
Curious style and mix composition. I like it.

Funny Macron Cafe in Paris

Macron Cafe in Paris
Please see in full view. Emmanuel face was used as source for picture. No reason to remove image from contest.
Member reactions:
I thought that HDR would do it for you. Top 5 kudos

Funny The Mona Lisa After the Paris Attack

The Mona Lisa After the Paris Attack
news link
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood, Loth. I fixed the link for you

Funny Jacob Rothschild and Puppets Attack Paris

Jacob Rothschild and Puppets Attack Paris
Paris under attack News Story The old man is Jacob Rothschild (International Banker) who's family is allegedly notorious for starting wars just to lend money to countries so they may purchase weapons. So I am told. The following url is from last Jan and included as a very interesting supplement French president denounces Illuminati
Member reactions:
Nice peace of trivia, cool chop. The news should be from the past week though
It is...... Why is everyone missing the first link. Kellie contacted me too. Is the first link "Paris Attack" not showing or something. I added yet another of the 25,000 articles I could choose from CNN must not have any other news to broadcast...
Congrads,Knew it was you,I made a nickle,how about u
I made 200 nickels thanks to the voters. Good thing too, low on everything around here and Christmas coming up... Thanks HH
Congratsss... Hitttss.... Nice creepy chop for sad times... I wonder if the Illuminati likes us,, :o
I reckon they'll love you if you play for them. Thanks
Duuuuuuhhhh as drool runs out the corner of my mouth. Sorry, Freudian slip or something. Julie talked to me about it Kellie. I'm old and easily cornfused, what can I say.... Thanks Andrew and sorry bout that K.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. I see the first news link now.
Link wouldn't post so deleted
Fascinating chop, sent me off on a search for more information. Frightening stuff indeed.

Funny Paris Hilton the Easter Bunny

Paris Hilton the Easter Bunny
Member reactions:
Nonsense, body is in keeping with rest of image.

Funny Paris to Nice Bike Race

Paris to Nice Bike Race
As the title mentions this chop represents Tony Gallopin fading. Richie Porte claims second Paris-Nice title as Tony Gallopin fades Source

Funny Prince William and Kate's Royal visit to Paris

Prince William and Kate's Royal visit to Paris
A Royal visit to Paris, by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in the rain.
Member reactions:
Make them a bit blurry like the other people and you'll be at the top.
If you look at the original you will see the Royal couple are slightly blurred, also textured. Compression seems to have affected the appearance. Thank you for your advice Luciano.
Modern umbrellas are much thinner so will not be as firm as the others.

Funny Paris Submission to Islam

Paris Submission to Islam
I prefer to die standing than living on my knees
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha Gawd... Funny stuff HH. Guess if I ever go over to your house I'll have to sweep it for bombs before going in hahahaahahahahah

Funny Mr Bean Rents a CitroŽn 2CV in Paris

Mr Bean Rents a CitroŽn 2CV in Paris
Member reactions:
Cool beans
So funny this entry. Hope the FN man is not someone we know.

Funny Paris Hilton's Nose Job

Paris Hilton's Nose Job
Member reactions:
I hate her so I hope she sees this. Other than some texture loss under the chin where there's a bright line, this is good.

Funny Paris Hilton Blackout

Paris Hilton Blackout
For the sake of a media experiment, the Associated Press didn't publish any news about Paris Hilton, banning her for a week. What a coincidence. Some guy Paris met at a bar was also banging her for a week. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton blackout by showing what things Paris did that didn't make it into the news due to Hilton ban by the Associated Press. Alternatively show what publicity stunts Paris will be doing to get back into the news after she was ignored for a week. Making your entries as magazine covers is a plus.

Funny Paris Hilton in Handcuffs

Paris Hilton in Handcuffs
[ Thursday morning Paris Hilton was handcuffed by the police and charged with DUI. Hours after she was released, Paris Hilton called Ryan Seacrest's morning show on LA's KIIS-FM to issue a statement that she was not charged with DUI and the whole case was "nothing", which contradicts statements from Los Angeles Police Department. ] You know, cops may be the most bothersome bastards on earth, but sometimes they do their job right. And if they put handcuffs on you they have good damn reasons to do it. So Paris Hilton was stopped and handcuffed because either she was driving under influence (which she denies), or because she looked like a hooker working the late shift. When she was handcuffed, she screamed "How dare you! I'm Paris F***ing Hilton, and I stay celibate for a year!" After which, the cops slapped her ass, gave her twenty, and let her go. End of story. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton handcuffed in whatever environment you choose (as long as it's Safe For Work). Paris can be shown e.g. in jail or in "normal" life, wearing casual, formal, or jail clothes, but she has to be shown in handcuffs.

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