Removal parasites from candidate's body
Removal parasites from candidate's body
Removal parasites from candidate's body. Scientists like Barack Obama so much that they named a parasite after him
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Great chop and you for sure win for best news story. Cracks me up.

Funny Plastic Parasite

Plastic Parasite
Credit is the answer to all your woes. We at SlaveCard are here to see that you get everthing you deserve because we like you and want you to be happy.
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The white font on a light background makes it hard to read. Either use a darker font or a darker background
an entry to print and stick on the door, so i see it when i go out with slave cards, very funny
Thank you for the advise. In this case I was trying to make it a bit obscure for effect.

Funny Sushi Parasite

Sushi Parasite
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Outstandingly goofy, another I figured would grab a cup. So I'm thinking what's up, why the lower score and realize the maggots and fly needed shadowing. Just a little. Other than that it had winner all over it I think.

Funny The Parasite Trliogy.

The Parasite Trliogy.

Funny Sushi Parasite Fears Grow

Sushi Parasite Fears Grow
Sushi has a healthy reputation it can be low fat and high in protein but a new report serves as a stark reminder that sushi made with raw fish can carry a dangerous parasite. Doctors warn that it's becoming a greater problem in Western countries as more people eat sushi, and they documented one recent case that serves as a cautionary tale where surgeons had to remove a parasite. Ewwww. Create various types of SUSHI using INSECTS, they can be crunchy, slithery, or cute...but the sushi must contain insects. No overly gross images and, NO politicians or celebrities allowed! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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