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Funny Papandreou Pictures

George Papandreou ZombieFunny George Papandreou Zombie
Member reactions:
originally i want to submit for George Papandreou contest, but im forgot, so here it go.
uhhuuuuuuuuh..... great this zombie... the economic situation of greece is now defunct ... papandreou then as a zombie is the right president of a nation "dead "..... also here with us now in italy the situation is critical ... i need to do the next zombies berlusconi ... ok..
thanks ricky, thanks goat, thanks rajeshstar, thanks balodiya, thanks qtrmoonshop.

George Papandreou the GoatFunny George Papandreou the Goat
Member reactions:

Thank you Ballodiya, Mikella, Rajestar, Newsy.
Many thanks Pcr, Geri, Ivan, DD, Newsy appreciate a lot your comments.

Dead King George PapandreouFunny Dead King George Papandreou
Member reactions:

excelent job, too shame i forgot to submit my entry after take me some time to make it. :-
Congratulations DD. Tough competition but, you survived the cut; nice work.
He'd do great in horror movies - excellent. Congrats on the bronze, DD.
Great job, I like the crown a lot...bronze congrats.
congrats Doggy hes great.. ,,i think i dated him a few years ago....
Thanks everybody, kinda looks like Paul.

George Papandreou Mind Controlled MonsterFunny George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster
Member reactions:

Lembrei da montagem do macaquinho que fiz esses dias... . CONGRATULATIONS.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes.
Wood congrats for Ivan too. You're on fire... Congrats.
Excellent work, congrats again Ivan...keep it up.
Ivan this is terrific... i adore his puggy fingers too... congrats...

Pirate George Papandreou in Dangerous WatersFunny Pirate George Papandreou in Dangerous Waters
Member reactions:

Evil George Papandreou Burning MoneyFunny Evil George Papandreou Burning Money
Member reactions:

George Papandreou OgreFunny George Papandreou Ogre
Member reactions:

Hahahhaha, sabia que essa era sua, parabéns pelos pódiuns, e principalmente pelo OURO, vc merece.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes
Terrific transformation. Congrats on the gold, Ivan.
Awesome work, I love it. Golden congrats.

Zombie George PapandreouFunny Zombie George Papandreou
Member reactions:

George Papandreou ExecutedFunny George Papandreou Executed
Member reactions:

....a lot of great work in this contest
Scary, but great job done...keep it up, DD.

George Papandreou the Evil ClownFunny George Papandreou the Evil Clown
Member reactions:

He's such an evil clown. Great job. Congrats on the silver, cns.

George PapandreouFunny George Papandreou - Just when world markets got hopeful on the EU bailout plan to save Greece, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou spooked the whole world right after Halloween - by making a surprise announcement that a Greek referendum would be held to decide whether to accept the bailout for his country. With that, global markets crumbled. Both the DAX and FTSE are off over 5%, Dow has so far lost about 300 points. Bank stocks are leading the way with 10% drops not at all uncommon as the Greek vote calls into question whether or not the entire deal struck last week will need to be renegotiated. Papandreou's decision not only spooked the markets, but have angered Germany, France and other EU countries which now regretted they accepted Greece into the EU in 2001. George Papandreou is the guy who's been part of spending his economy into the ground, refusing to comply with the Maastricht Treaty, and forcing other member nations to bail Greece out, again. Papandreou is also the guy who okayed absurdly generous terms on said bailout before reneging, blithely throwing global financial markets into chaos. George Papandreou managed to spook the world this week with his announcement, let us now show how he may spook the world with his appearance (werewolf, villain, or any other spooky or otherwise shocking appearance).

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