Black Panther
Black Panther
Black Panther . Member reactions:
Suggest-Black Lightning (DC comic tv series)
This is a very nice chop. Background works well with great color and lighting.

Funny pink panther painting

pink panther painting
Painting Layers :

Funny Panther Bird

Panther Bird

Funny Diana Ross and a Black Panther

Diana Ross and a Black Panther
Member reactions:
Like the comparision of Panther to her... good work
What's not to like, great job and congrats
Congrats on the bronze, Andrew. Clever idea about that clock time.
Thank you, Hitspinner, Elegary and NewsMaster.

Funny Pink Panther Street Worker

Pink Panther Street Worker

Funny Black Panther the Vampire Hunter

Black Panther the Vampire Hunter
Member reactions:
Great poster design... nice merge of the superheros
Thank You, rajeshstar, balodiya, geriatric
Great chop, very dramatic, Xaos. Black Panther is a new one to me, must be after my time, I have never heard of that one. Cool. I almost used "Spawn of the Dead" A technical nit pick that is driving me nuts... It may be my eyes but did you use two right arms. Congrads on the top cup.
Late to the party, but Congrads on the Gold Cup.
Wonderful movie art. Congrats on the gold, Chaos.
Thank you, Hitspinner, Doc, HoHouse, and Newsy..
Hitspinner- Nope. used a left and right arm.....what could be throwing you off is the pinky finger is not grasping the handle. Here's some info on Marvel comics super hero "Black Panther" First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #52 (1966) Taught by his father to think two steps ahead of enemies and three steps ahead of friends. Inviting the Fantastic Four to visit him, he forced them into a series of tests, then allied with them against a returning Klaw. He also joined the Avengers to spy on them from within, but soon came to regard them as true friends and staunch allies.

Funny South Park in Son of the Pink Panther Movie

South Park in Son of the Pink Panther Movie
Member reactions:
Very clever to include the Pink Panther concept in this poster very well composed

Funny Tyrannosaurus Panther

Tyrannosaurus Panther
Member reactions:

Funny Black Panther Bird

Black Panther Bird
Member reactions:
Clear and quality work on new breed panther

Funny Inside the Pink Panther Barcode

Inside the Pink Panther Barcode

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