Pampered Pooch on a Bed
Pampered Pooch on a Bed
Pampered Pooch on a Bed. Diva in her hotel room with her favorite companion.
Member reactions:
sweet chop, and I love the paintings on the walls
I loved this doxie,so cute.I knew this was you,great work as always

Funny Michelangelo Pampers Ad

Michelangelo Pampers Ad
Pampers Ad

Funny Pampered Pandas Lying in Bed

Pampered Pandas Lying in Bed
Panda pair off to Tawain soon Full View is best.
Member reactions:
pretty awesome, the panda's look really natural. I love the level of detail
Full view is top-job, with many details to list. Congratulations, on your first gold, dos...
Congrat's. Dosy...gr8 chop & humour
My first gold.This means sooooooooooooo much to me. Yahoooooooooooo.
WD, that extra bit of chopping love that a winning chop deserves, good stuff.
Well deserved Gold Dosy. A wonderful image.
forgot to say excellent image, I love it. I have been admiring your work for a while now.

Funny Pampers Pads

Pampers Pads
Member reactions:
I'm surprised this isn't a product already.

Funny Pampered Pet

Pampered Pet
Diamonds or not, I STILL don't like cleaning the litterbox. Please View Full Source Pic
Member reactions:
Very nice. I was thinking about doing something similar, but couldn't get it on the "canvas".

Funny Pampered Dog

Pampered Dog
Getting Pampered
Member reactions:
Is the idea to dress an animal or photoshop and swap an animal face onto a human body.
Create images of animals dressed up that are trying to make fashion statements. This entry does that.
The paws make it - and the face suits the posture of the body somehow.
I love it. The experssion on the pooch's face says it all.

Funny Pampered Pony in Bed

Pampered Pony in Bed
Woman keeps her pony indoors
Member reactions:
so cute pony, and like the women's motherly love towards the animals
Horse sleeps while standing on the ground, ur pony has good place
Very sweet . . . just a thought it would have been a nice touch to change the three items on the wall shelves to something pony related.
Thank you that would been good. I wish I had thought of it.

Funny Pamper That Pooch

Pamper That Pooch

Funny Pampers

Member reactions:
...Babies never wear diapers on the old masters, do they.

Funny Pampers

Dave won't need to dump his poo off a bridge now that he's got new eco-friendly pampers. Just throw em away and save the Earth today.

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