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Funny Paltrow Pictures

Member reactions:
Super nice chop and mod PJ. Congrats on the cup
She's a beauty PixJockey.... congrats...
Congrats on the wood, Pix.

Gwyneth PaltrowFunny Gwyneth Paltrow
Member reactions:

Source Picture
She has a different features then the rest....excellent work on the source and great job done in putting the front teeth and making sloth so good
Now this is called the Freaky-Tricky-Scary mind Eye catcher performance hidden.... this is amazing tooth u have implanted to her. Love this chop
Eric, thanks -- I dislike her so much, I think she looks like this anyway, . The teeth are her teeth, just extended over the lip. Thanks for the compliments.. Thanks, Rajeshstar.. Jest3r ... thanks.

 Gwen Paltrow and SpawnFunny Gwen Paltrow and Spawn
Member reactions:

Cute baby with a different hairstyle from other mother.... well done
Good one, but I wish the daughter was more decognizable
Yeah, it lost some in the translation. Oh well, the only thing that isn't Gweneth is the curly blond hair and the baby body. Cant get much closer to the original than that. I took a photo of her with slightly wider eyes just to get away from the repetative type face transplants that use the same face and give a larger orbit, like real childs eyes. It came out so-so. This was the last chop done on the ancient software and little bitty PC. I'm back in business and loaded programs I used a few years back. Quality should climb at an expoential rate from here. Only 8s and above. But you guys will be the judge of that.

Portman and PaltrowFunny Portman and Paltrow
Member reactions:

The Change is inevitable... nice way to show the change of costume in 50 Years ... well done
This chop is absolutely marvellous
Thanks Hits for the comments on my piece, but I can't talk about it here, hope to talk to u soon, good Luck my friend and happy chopping.

Two Faced Gwyneth Paltrow and Tara ReidFunny Two Faced Gwyneth Paltrow and Tara Reid
Member reactions:

This is especially brilliant considering the hard angle to match the sources.
Silver for Tim too. Congrats. Go Belgium.

Gweneth Paltrow with Big MouthFunny Gweneth Paltrow with Big Mouth
Member reactions:

Jack Black Gwyneth Paltrow and Barack ObamaFunny Jack Black Gwyneth Paltrow and Barack Obama
Member reactions:

Jack Black (mouth & chin/beard) Gwyneth Paltrow (eyes,nose,hair) Barack Obama (ear)

Gwynet Paltrow InvertedFunny Gwynet Paltrow Inverted
Member reactions:

Gwyneth PaltrowFunny Gwyneth Paltrow
Member reactions:

Paltrow's skeeter bites.
She was training for her new film, Shallower Gwyneth.
What are you lookin' at, bozo at least they are real..

Porker Gwyneth Paltrow Funny Porker Gwyneth Paltrow
Member reactions:

Gwyneth tried eating cakes and pies. This is the result.
This may look like a face swap but the body was made bigger, shoes coloured silver, bag and jewellery replaced. six sources were used.
Shoes, bag, jewellery added, body made fatter. This was not a straight face swap.

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