Clintoon leave Palin alone
Clintoon leave Palin alone
Clintoon leave Palin alone.

Funny Sarah Palin, perfect mermaid

Sarah Palin, perfect mermaid
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nice.. head a bit big no.. just saying but looks good

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Funny Royal Palin

Royal Palin

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
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Would have been much nicer if you had matched her face, keeping all the original hair and wreath, instead of just pasting her head on top.

Funny Palin of Oz

Palin of Oz

Funny Sarah Palin Shooting PI

Sarah Palin Shooting PI

Funny $10 Bill with Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi

$10 Bill with Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi
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Funny Sarah Palin Bags a Beau for Bristol

Sarah Palin Bags a Beau for Bristol
Bristol Palin Engaged. Again.
Member reactions:
OOPS. Fully admitting I made a big mistake with this one have an element in the wrong place. Yikes. 'swhat happens when you rush.
You really made Sarah scary here, good job.

Funny Sarah Palin 2016 Run for President

Sarah Palin 2016 Run for President
Betty Boop says it all. Sarah Palin Contemplates 2016 Run
Member reactions:
I could deal with her as Vice President Nice chop
How can anybody be so adorable and scary at the same time.
I think she would probably be a very lovely person if she had never been thrust accidentally onto the world stage. If she had given a tupperware party, I might have gone. Commander in chief. Scary indeed. To me Hillary's almost as scary. Politicians. They're all dangerous.
Sarah never looked better. She shoots well, means she's got what it takes to run.

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has just announced she will resign from office July 26. The announcement stirred speculation why Palin decided to step down, and what she plans to do next. Rumor has it Palin is resigning to focus on her 2012 Republican bid for President. It's still 3 years ahead, so she may have resigned a bit too early, instead of accumulating governor's credibility right till the election time. Show what Sarah Palin may do after she steps down as Alaska Governor. What might she surprise us next with her professions, hobbies, or personal life?

Funny Palin Celebrities

Palin Celebrities
Sarah Palin is quickly becoming celebrity #1, at least in the United States. It's no surprise that many women want to look like her. Palin even set the new fashion trend with her eyeglasses - so many people want to have them to look a bit like Palin. In this contest we are going to help celebrities and politicians partially look like Sarah Palin. Take the right (or left) VERTICAL HALF of Sarah Palin's face and merge it with the left (or right) vertical half from another celebrity or politician. We did similar 50/50 vertical face merge in our Partial Face Transplants contest, but this time, one of the celebrities HAS to be Sarah Palin. In your titles or comments please mention the name of celebrity (or politician) you are merging with Palin.

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