Super Sarah Palin
Super Sarah Palin
Super Sarah Palin. . Member reactions:
I need some super hero stuff done around the house. You got her number.
Her head could be bigger or ... are confusing me
I like this one HoHouse; nice job.

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
. Member reactions:
Sarah looks like a queen of angles well done nice merge
She looks so humble Good one, but I'd put some panties on her too, just to be safe.

Funny A Very Palin Easter

A Very Palin Easter
. Member reactions:
The bunny looks so cute... silly creature do not know the intention of Palin for her this easter

Funny Bristol Palin Selling Her Car

Bristol Palin Selling Her Car
Bristol Palin selling her car. Member reactions:
I would like to Drive it Crazy ... Stunning entry
... lovely model posing herself as a brand ambadassor for selling that old stuff well done like your display posters
Thanks, everyone...yes, G-Man...the ideas just kept coming.
You got it, Newsy. I hear she accepts PayPal.

Funny McCain And Palin Together Again

McCain And Palin Together Again
. Member reactions:
Great work like the pose Palin shows and the cute mouse inside the hat very funny
Very interesting magic show hanging lady and the legend fantastic use of source with clean and professional work
Excellent job. Your work gave me a strange thought; If John was an animal he definitely would be a rabbit.
Silver congrats Pcr, it's my favorite in the contest, great work.
HA.. Old Mr. P. Strikes Again, Congrats Buddy..

Funny Sarah Palin trys again

Sarah Palin trys again
Keep your eyes on the new pair, they might actually make it this time. Member reactions:
She can try all the time and every time and sure she will win because of her property
should it be two extra thumbs for each boob. i don't know but htanks for the ... man.

Funny Palin Vs Couric

Palin Vs Couric
Morning News . Member reactions:
I'd keep em both esp. ifins I had control of the moneys.

Funny Sarah Palin Having a Break From Hunting

Sarah Palin Having a Break From Hunting
. Member reactions:
The old rusty car. I've used it many times
Flavor country. Nice touch with the Keystone cans. Appropriate beer for her.
Thanks, deaddog,hobbit90,Duncecap and pcrdds.
She needs to eat more pigeon. Excellent Job.
She can shoot, cook and make money-what's wrong with that. Nice work.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, come to my place I got so many
Sweet Job. I almost didn't see the old rusty car.
Great ... I like the way she sat on the wooden beam and the way she is smoking and showing here expression, its too perfect this is the nice idea for fetching a weekend dinner
Masters job done She looks amazing well done hidden, Great Composition
Hahaha, works for me. Congrats on the wood, nepaguy.

Funny Sarah Palin at Fat Camp

Sarah Palin at Fat Camp
. Member reactions:
Fantastic, hilarious chop ... with that head and that body, the FN must stand for "Fat Nincompoop"
Lovely. They look so relaxed, fat & happy.
Nice FN Tattoo and great job done with her facial expression and fat cat
ha ha ha ha ha fatty concept excellent and very funny Liked what u did with the cat

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has just announced she will resign from office July 26. The announcement stirred speculation why Palin decided to step down, and what she plans to do next. Rumor has it Palin is resigning to focus on her 2012 Republican bid for President. It's still 3 years ahead, so she may have resigned a bit too early, instead of accumulating governor's credibility right till the election time. Show what Sarah Palin may do after she steps down as Alaska Governor. What might she surprise us next with her professions, hobbies, or personal life?

Funny Palin email

Palin email
Shocking news today - hackers broke into the Yahoo! e-mail account of Sarah Palin and sent screenshots of her email correspondence to several major blog websites and even Associated Press. Hackers claim that Palin used Yahoo email, instead of her official Alaska governor email, to hide a lot of her correspondence which she never wished to become public, including emails linked to her records, which she refused to make public. The Secret Service approached The Associated Press requesting the copies of Palin's emails which The AP received from hackers. The AP refused to comply. McCain-Palin camp is furious and demand the full investigation and prosecution of hackers calling this a "shocking invasion of the governor's privacy and a violation of law". Photoshop screenshots of Sarah Palin emails (incoming or outgoing email). What did she try to hide? Showing some photos in emails is a big plus in this contest.

Funny Palin Celebrities

Palin Celebrities
Sarah Palin is quickly becoming celebrity #1, at least in the United States. It's no surprise that many women want to look like her. Palin even set the new fashion trend with her eyeglasses - so many people want to have them to look a bit like Palin. In this contest we are going to help celebrities and politicians partially look like Sarah Palin. Take the right (or left) VERTICAL HALF of Sarah Palin's face and merge it with the left (or right) vertical half from another celebrity or politician. We did similar 50/50 vertical face merge in our Partial Face Transplants contest, but this time, one of the celebrities HAS to be Sarah Palin. In your titles or comments please mention the name of celebrity (or politician) you are merging with Palin.

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Last Friday, John McCain's announcement for his choice of running mate raised a lot of eyebrows even amongst Republicans. It's Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin, a mother of five, who has served for less than 2 years. Palin was also less popular and experienced than any other candidate on McCain's short list. Another surprise is that Palin's 17 year old unmarried daughter is 5 months pregnant and media rumors that Palin's fifth child is also her daughter's. However, these election VP choices could be considered a balancing act. Obama chose Biden to match McCain's experience and age. In response, McCain chose Palin to match Obama's inexperience and youth. Photoshop Sarah Palin any way you wish. Some examples are: create more scandals surrounding her persona (as magazine covers, or otherwise), create election McCain-Palin election posters, show some things from her past or even childhood, photoshop Sarah Palin into movies and paintings, etc. Here's a good example.

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