Kids at a Palcohol Stand
Kids at a Palcohol Stand
Kids at a Palcohol Stand. State Lawmaker Asks For Ban On FDA Approved Palcohol

Funny Obama Making Palcohol

Obama Making Palcohol
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Nice chop, Elegary.... Congrats on the cup

Funny Palcohol Capsules For Sale

Palcohol Capsules For Sale
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So clean and believable. Nice work HIDDEN.
Good. Can they be used asslow release suppositories .
That is a cool idea. Congrats on the bronze, Retral

Funny Palcohol Office Hydration Cooler

Palcohol Office Hydration Cooler
The New Hydration Standard
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Thank you Luciano. You got the job. And thanks Armatien, Newsey, Balodiya and Pat. Today I slipped past hygglobert who has been in that chair as long as I can remember. That has been a long, long time coming. Thanks to all who voted
So much for production, what with everyone now going to spend more time at the (water) cooler (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
As always, top of the line chop and congrats on the big win. I sure could use a cup right now.
Thaank you Elegary, Doc, Icy, Gummy, Hobbit, Bob , Pat, Wanderer, Retral. Hobbit, you can take a gold just about any time you want. You got the moves

Funny Palcohol Martini Blends

Palcohol Martini Blends
8 grams sachets

Funny Palcohol Refinery

Palcohol Refinery
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rolling on the floor with laughter.Good one.

Funny Palcohol Tequila in the Desert

Palcohol Tequila in the Desert
Palcohol-tequila powder

Funny Palcohol Absinthe

Palcohol Absinthe
Palcohol:the green fairy
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The fairy is a nice touch. Masking on the face could really use some improvement
Good one. Try to find a sharpened estatic face.

Funny Sniffing Palcohol Ricard

Sniffing Palcohol Ricard
On risque d'en avoir un sacré coup dans le nez avec les apéros en poudre .
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Stop at the end of the line cause sniffing salami is painful
Merci pour vos commentaires Oui , Lucianomorelli , j'aurais du mettre des olives a la place du saucisson pour l'apéro

Funny Palcohol

Alcohol will soon be available in a powdered state, thus the name "palcohol". Palcohol is meant to be mixed with water to get a perfect drink - anything from vodka to Margarita (called "Powderita"). Palcohol can also be added to food, but is not supposed to be taken on its own, as the dose becomes too strong and will likely result in side effects like alcohol intoxication and quick hangovers. Powdered alcohol is really convenient for anyone involved in activities where weight and bulk is a factor - one package of powdered vodka, for instance, weights about an ounce and is small enough to fit into a pocket. Take any famous alcohol brand and show how it can be marketed and packaged in a powdered state (as palcohol). Image credit: CBS Baltimore

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