Blue Boy in Pajamas
Blue Boy in Pajamas
Blue Boy in Pajamas. Pajama wearers everywhere UNITE. based on the following news: Pajamas banned from Farmington high school

Funny Pajama Police

Pajama Police
I bet this policeman feels chilly in his pajamas...
Member reactions:
Dont take the micky or i will place you under a vest
He needs a bit more shadowing on the underside of his arm.
Done, is that better. Thanks Janna
Yes... That's got it. EXCELLENT...

Funny Boss pajamas

Boss pajamas
As usual, only the boss got the word about "Wear Pajamas To Work" day.
Member reactions:
If you find my blue slippers i will give you a big hug
Robe looks almost cartoonish in contrast to the rest of the pic.
If I were about to climb in that hole, I wouldn't let the guy in the fuzzy robe hold my safety line.
(I must know... was the source doll clothes.)
Come on, my bunny slippers are down there.

Funny Traffic Cop in Pajamas

Traffic Cop in Pajamas
I'd stop for her in a New York minute. - EDIT: touched up the lower edge...however, she don't need no stinkin' baton or gun. She's too hawt for that.
Member reactions:
Is she as they "working". If so nice, and nice chop too.
Nice looking girl, But you should add a hat, maybe a baton in her hand, or a gun and holster, also masking on lower left part of nightgown is a little rough. Great job on the hair.
oh god may be some accidents taken place in the road.....nice job man...
I like it but there's something about her left heel being up. Like she's just touching down
Nice job. But, I agree she needs something to show she's a cop -- otherwise, she's just a chick in traffic.
Oh. Thought it was a brooch. Ok. Badge is good.

Funny Police Pajamas

Police Pajamas
Go bacon. I mean.. police..
Member reactions:
I like what the fashion police are wearing these days
If those are pigs on his PJ's, you get style points.

Funny pajamas at the office

pajamas at the office
She will raise a few eyebrows in the office.
Member reactions:
So, you like my stuffed animals... Wanna see my stuff, you animal.
She is the bra bra Black sheeep of the office
Face looks a litte painted on. --> Hmm too much make up maybe

Funny G I Pajamas

G I Pajamas
You call those pajamas MAGGOT, and what are you doing with my Bunny Foo Foo. Get down and give me 50 you little PUKE.
Member reactions:
Who told you that you could wear MY PJs.....

Funny Tennis Pro In Pajamas

Tennis Pro In Pajamas
a tennis joke, because the outfits the players wear are designed to be able to hold the (tennis) balls. if she was wearing pj's, they'd continue to drop. $.%*& steamroller.
Oh, the ... Cowboy is better WITHOUT....
Welcome to FN. Great idea but I agree with the above people, he is very flat and cardboardey. You need more shadowing to make it realistic.
Not very good chopping. Looks blurry and doesn't have smooth lines.

Funny Pajamas at Work?

Pajamas at Work?
Photoshop people at work in their pajamas. Keep your entries Safe For Work (especially with women's pajamas), or risk your entry being disqualified.

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