G I Pajamas
G I Pajamas
G I Pajamas. You call those pajamas MAGGOT, and what are you doing with my Bunny Foo Foo. Get down and give me 50 you little PUKE.
Member reactions:
Who told you that you could wear MY PJs.....

Funny Tennis Pro In Pajamas

Tennis Pro In Pajamas
a tennis joke, because the outfits the players wear are designed to be able to hold the (tennis) balls. if she was wearing pj's, they'd continue to drop. $.%*& steamroller.
Oh, the ... Cowboy is better WITHOUT....
Welcome to FN. Great idea but I agree with the above people, he is very flat and cardboardey. You need more shadowing to make it realistic.
Not very good chopping. Looks blurry and doesn't have smooth lines.

Funny College Dean in Pajamas

College Dean in Pajamas
Here we see the dean looking very relaxed during some dumb speech about pajamas or something.
Member reactions:
You missed cutting out inside the left arm.

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