MLK Takes Up Painting
MLK Takes Up Painting
MLK Takes Up Painting.

Funny Painting

Member reactions:
still can see some jpg artifacts, also shadows would be nice
SOme shadows are needed, but I like the composition

Funny Donlad Trump Painting by Magritte

Donlad Trump Painting by Magritte

Funny Son of Man Painting Taking a Selfie by Magritte

Son of Man Painting Taking a Selfie by Magritte
Member reactions:
Excellent . But why selfie doesn't match .
Congrats on the Bronze as well, ooOOoo. Very nice

Funny Seal Painting Paul Ross with Whiskers

Seal Painting Paul Ross with Whiskers
I re-porpoised (or is that a walrus) one of Doc's chops, I'm sure he would approve.

Funny Storm Trooper Painting His House

Storm Trooper Painting His House
Star Wars New Paint Colors Print Ad Series.

Funny Old Painting Characters with a Dinosaur Skeleton

Old Painting Characters with a Dinosaur Skeleton

Funny Dinosaurs in the Triumph of Venice Painting

Dinosaurs in the Triumph of Venice Painting
Member reactions:
Flawless to the point where it might have been so well done that it doesn't stand out. BUT, BUT, that is the original point of chops...seamless integration where the viewer doesn't know if he's looking at a hoax or the real thing. . This is really good, man. It's clearly not your first trip on this train...
Great chop, lot of work in it. You must have spend a long time searching the right sources.
I agree with Hits - so well done it looks authentic. Gotta set it as the picture of the day. Great to see you entering again, freshdasu.

Funny Duchess Of the Dinosaurs Painting

Duchess Of the Dinosaurs Painting
Member reactions:
This Rocks... Honestly deserves a cup but you stand in good competition. Lots of A game entries Hand work is an excellent cherry on top
Thanks, Hitspinner and Ilovelayers. There was some good ones this time, I enjoyed doing her, as I do all of them.
I thought the work will include the top three ...COOL...

Funny Dead Dinosaur in a Coffin Painting by Paul Delaroche

Dead Dinosaur in a Coffin Painting by Paul Delaroche
Member reactions:
Thanks, Hitspinner. It was my favorite from my opuses.

Funny Paint It Green!

Paint It Green!
The Chicago River will be traditionally dyed green for the St. Patrick's Day celebration. Paint it green! Create images of recognizable scenes or objects (cityscapes, people, animals, products, etc.). Making it specific to St. Patrick's Day is a plus! Erin Go Bragh! Please note that this is a speed contest with less than 24 hours for submissions. Many thanks to JojjE for the themepost.

Funny Hanging a Goya Painting

Hanging a Goya Painting
If you are near Boston in the coming weeks, we advise you to visit the wonderful exhibition of Francisco Goya art in the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). The exhibition features more than 160 of Goya's most significant paintings collected from different museums all over the world. While 60 of those paintings are on permanent display in the MFA, the other 120 Goya works have never been shown together before. The paintings on loan from other galleries are handled with extra care so that they are not damaged during the transportation and exhibition. Photoshop this photo of two museum employees hanging a Goya painting (The Duchess of Alba) any way you wish.

Funny Magritte Paintings

Magritte Paintings
This Thursday will be the 115th birthday of Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte. His surrealist paintings are more than just visually impressive; they are frequently thought-provoking. His "The Treachery of Images" series of paintings shows realistically drawn objects titled "Ceci n'est pas…" (French for "This is not…"). His famed image of a pipe is captioned "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" ("This is not a pipe"). As Magritte himself stated: "The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it. And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it's just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture 'This is a pipe,' I'd have been lying!" Magritte got a job designing wallpaper at a wallpaper factory, and as a sideline designed posters and advertisements. His first one-man exhibition, in 1927 in Brussels, was a flop, the art critics hating all 61 pieces shown. Magritte gained real fame in 1960 (shortly before his death in 1967) when his paintings influenced pop art and culture. To celebrate the 115th birthday of Rene Magritte, photoshop any of his paintings. Some examples are: show how he would have created his works in the modern days, what people or objects he would choose, etc. (If you use any of his nude sources, please cover the models in bikini to make them safe for work).

Funny Stolen Paintings

Stolen Paintings
Two masterpieces by Picasso and Monet stolen last year from Rotterdam museum were brutally destroyed by the mother of one of the thieves - she burned the paintings in the oven after her son was arrested. Police believed that the paintings had been stolen to order rather than being an opportunistic crime. Let us remind that in May 2010, five paintings valued at close to $124 million and including works by Picasso and Matisse were stolen from one of Paris's most prestigious museums - the Paris Museum of Modern Art. In 2011 Van Gogh's "Poppy Flowers" was stolen from Cairo museum. All the stolen paintings end up with private art collectors, who often order to steal the exact masterpieces they want. In this contest you are asked to take any famous painting (or drawing, or fresco) and "steal" things from it. E.g. steal some people, clothes, or objects from the paintings, ...even hair, or body parts!

Funny Airline Paint Jobs

Airline Paint Jobs
With the rising cost of fuel, airlines are looking for all possible ways to offset their costs. More and more airline companies agree to commercial paint jobs to display advertisements on the inside or outside parts of airplanes, effectively turning their aircrafts into marketing machines. Show what creative paint jobs airlines could have on the inside or outside of airplanes. Any airline paint jobs are allowed in this contest: commercial, graffiti, or even arts and paintings. You can use any existing airlines or create a new carrier if you wish.

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