Jimmy Page Holding a Guitar for an Octopus
Jimmy Page Holding a Guitar for an Octopus
Jimmy Page Holding a Guitar for an Octopus. Member reactions:
Awesome idea. Might use this for a contest concept somehow.

Funny Giraffe's Facebook Page

Giraffe's Facebook Page
A giraffe looks at her Facebook page, hoping to see her friend's messages.
Member reactions:
Sweet and I see this giraffe is using new version of facebook already
Wao... lovely Giraffe facebook page really lovely and great to see some new relations erupt in it

Funny Homer Simpson Google Home Page with Donuts

Homer Simpson Google Home Page with Donuts
full view and read the contents
Member reactions:
, me thinks this is hysterical (especially the search suggestions part).
Very well done... Like the Google doodles love the Donuts concept to design it and the Try the Donuts messenger alert is awesome great job done
Great Job. Maybe Google will pick this one for National Donut Day.
Brilliant idea...you defeated Google Genius thought
HA............ Clever, Dr. Silvercuspid.

Funny Larry Page & Eric Schmidt Mining Asteroid

Larry Page & Eric Schmidt Mining Asteroid
APRIL 23, 2012 - James Cameron and Google Billionaires Fund Asteroid Mining Company
Member reactions:
This chop is crisp and clear like a sparkling diamonds very well done with nice detailing and good lighting effects
You reminded the great "Ghost busters" very well executed, great chop and light effect is Awesome, wonderful pics for FN collection
congrats Jockey-man, great job and Beautiful coloring ( as always ).
Fantastic chop, and great choice of the news. Congrats on the wood, Pix.
A belated congrats on the wood PixJky really nice he's a wild dude that James Cameron I loved the latest documentary film he's done about the mistakes, and previously unanswered questions regarding the sinking of the Titanic, that he and a room full of experts found answers for, since the movie was filmed.

Funny Words on a Page

Words on a Page

Funny Scissors Cutting Page

Scissors Cutting Page
Member reactions:

Funny Web Page Design

Web Page Design
Member reactions:
That's Wild ... me likes a lot. What an imagination ....
Can someone explain it for me.. I am computer-stupid-slow.
D, it reads like Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Oh - okay. It would have escaped me if you guys had not commented.

Funny Symmetrical Bettie Page

Symmetrical Bettie Page

Funny Rainman Trophy Page

Rainman Trophy Page
I would not dare to chop a Rainman entry. I would screw it up and it would go from first place to last place.
Member reactions:
Good one. I expected someone to chop AZ, but never this way.
I think you added the trophies of next week too.
Latest news is - FN is moving into a new, larger office. The old one was out of space for Rain's trophies.
, put a target on it and sell them at the gun range is a better idea. Thanks for the chuckle GarRobMil

Funny Freaking News Home Page

Freaking News Home Page
Unfortunately, the author has to remain hidden. It's much funnier seeing the screenname there.
Member reactions:
Probably the only way I'd cop a hat trick is to chop it into existence. I'll take that.
You can reveal the author - it's your choice
Sometimes it seems like that. This chop is pretty clever, really cracks me up.
We did let this one stay, but as good as it is the chop does not follow the contest directions - to use magazine or newspaper covers. Unless FN is considered online magazine
Awwwww...... The original was funnier with the Canvas name running along side the 3 trophies anyway. It was fun.

Funny Newspaper Front Pages

Newspaper Front Pages
Let's try to start things on a more positive note! Your mission is to create Newspapers front pages that are full of positive, yet unusual news. See the Newsmuseum for Front Pages and ideas.

Funny Frot Page Scandals

Frot Page Scandals
Design a front page cover story that may cause a scandal. Stories must have at least one photoshopped image of scandal included along with a small section of newsprint to accompany the story.

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