Flying Pacman by Magritte
Flying Pacman by Magritte
Flying Pacman by Magritte.

Funny Mrs Pacman

Mrs Pacman
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I don't know what this is, but I like it.
Excellent colorful treat Like the Eyes designed the Pacman way

Funny Raging Pacman Video

Raging Pacman Video
Man...I sure had to rework this some. I misread, and had 35 instead of 32, and changed several times. Give me an extra credit for trying so hard...
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This is great but I'm sure the votes will be higher if you color it
Nice retouch....I agree much better in color,but it did look nice B&W.
I guess its Xbox to PS conversion ha ha ha nice idea
in my humble opinion the B/W version was much better. It reminded me of the horror films of the 50's.
Great this is the larger and final version of Pacman in 3d . good job

Funny Real Pacman in Maze

Real Pacman in Maze

Funny Real Pacman Eating Pills in City Street

Real Pacman Eating Pills in City Street
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Funny Pacman Moon

Pacman Moon
Please give me some criticism in how I can improve it. Credits for the planets:
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This doesn't seem to show up as the updated version except if you don't take full view. Anyone got any ideas in how to fix that.
This is pretty neat idea. I would use small planets or maybe even asteroids for the "dots". May or may not work better - try and see.
Can't seem to find any good stock for that. :/ Made these myself so they were pretty easy, thinking of remaking the space a bit better too though. If you know some good stock site, please tell me.
Good idea, wish I had thought of it. I would have put it in the maze somehow. Good stuff
Bronze Pac-man for Lukin - special congrats on your first trophy.
Great work lukin congrats on your first trophy too , keep up top works

Funny Pacman by Warhol

Pacman by Warhol

Funny Playing Pacman

Playing Pacman

Funny PacMan Moon

PacMan Moon

Funny Pacman Wallpaper

Pacman Wallpaper
Some taggers found a perfect place to test out a new piece

Funny PacMan

Pac-Man, the most popular video game of all times, is now released on the Xbox 360. So even though this hungry little fella has just celebrated his 26th anniversary (first release in 1980), we still think of Pac-Man when we think of video games. I don't know how many hours I played this game, but it was A LOT... Why do we love this game? First it's real simple, and ANYONE, literally anyone can play it. I have read that somebody trained a monkey to play Pac-Man (no kidding). Second, it represents the ideal life for guys, so to speak, -- eating as much as you like and not getting fat, "scoring", and "popping cherries", and getting away from ghosts... and if you screw up, you always have an extra life left. Nice. Real nice. There's a natural Pac-Man living in every one of us. Think about it next time you yawn, and look in the mirror. In this contest you are asked to photoshop one of the following: 1) Pac-Man character(s) appearing in famous paintings, advertisements or products 2) Pac-Man character(s) appearing in the things they do not belong. E.g. Pac-Man-shaped tomato 3) Animals or people with Pac-Man like heads 4) "Pac-Man characters in real life" - take the game out of the screen and put them in real-life photos (eating real life things, chasing real life people and animals). Make an effort to 3-Dimensionalize your Pac-Men. Simple 5 minute copy-paste flat Pac-Men will be disqualified. P.S. Do you know how Pac-Man came into this world, btw? In 1979, the future game's designer, Toru Iwatani was having dinner with his friends at one of the Tokyo pizzerias. When he saw the pizza after a slice had been removed, he was inspired by the shape, and came up with the idea of so shaped hungry little fella eating things. 15 months later Namco released Pac-Man.

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