Hewlett Packard Sauce
Hewlett Packard Sauce
Hewlett Packard Sauce. "Think of it as the oil that makes computers GO." .

Funny Luxury Packard Sedan

Luxury Packard Sedan
1937 Packard-SedanBlck + 2007 Startech-DodgeNitro. Please fullimage for clarity.
Member reactions:
Very Nice. Looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. Only critique would be to lower the bottom right corner of the grill a few pixels to match the line of the front bumper.
awsome chop here, executed like a champ , great reflections. Nothing to critic.
Ohh My..............Awesome...... Is this an illusion. look at the reflection and merging technique..It looks like a new model of car...GREAT work.... I like it....^L^,
Looks like perfection to me. I'd love to own one.
so realistic
Truly...I cant see what parts are merge here...its almost a one perfect car...the reflection is good...hope to see the source...good job

Funny Compact Packard

Compact Packard
Same name, same idea, different company. (original '32 Packard image here if interested.) --Full View a little nicer--
Member reactions:
Nice idea, I think Carly could do with brightening up a bit, maybe some contrast.
. Great job on the Packard.. I'm impressed.
I missed it the first time I looked at the source. Excellent chop.

Funny Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard
The new Hewlett Packard Heckler and Koch MPresario5 Assault Weapon. Please View Full.
Member reactions:
Very nice... like the detail on the serial port, power switch and keyboard in the stock. Very clean.

Funny Hewlett Packard vs K-Mart Classified Employment

Hewlett Packard vs K-Mart Classified Employment
From Starlet To Greeter
Member reactions:
Hilarious concept, love the price quotes. Should have scored higher, in my humble opinion.

Funny Hewlett Packard Harry Potter Book

Hewlett Packard Harry Potter Book
Member reactions:
There's multiple HP Harry Potter submissions .. whos idea was it.. You're first anyhow. Probably should sneak a computer into that image among the jewels.

Funny Hewlett-Packard Products

Hewlett-Packard Products
Now that the central executive officer is leaving Hewlett-Packard, what new products will she be leaving behind that won't make it to market? Using HP products - printers, cameras, etc. - create images of items with faulty design. In addition, we'll also accept images of where you think Carly Fiorina might be working next.

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