Al Pacino
Al Pacino
Al Pacino. Member reactions:
Tiny head Oscar great touch. Congrats Vicspa.

Funny Ella Pacino

Ella Pacino

Funny keanu reeves and al pacino

keanu reeves and al pacino
devils advocate
Member reactions:
Grats on the cup tgiles, Keanu looks like he had a stroke.

Funny Al Pacino

Al Pacino
Member reactions:
Yeah..... Now we're talking out of the box. Love the texture of this
I'm with you Hits, great texture, lights, shadow, Vicspa..

Funny Al Pacino as the Mona Lisa

Al Pacino as the Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
Subtle and delightfully done. Smiling source for Pacino..... perfect
You've mixed them well. They are both Italians anyway

Funny Al Pacino Upside Down

Al Pacino Upside Down
Member reactions:
Decent work, but the left part is empty and should be removed. The chop would look bigger without the left part too. You still have time to edit till the voting ends

Funny Al Pacino Egghead in Scarface

Al Pacino Egghead in Scarface
Member reactions:
Very funny. Is he going to snort all those eggs. Ouch.

Funny Al Pacino and Girlfriend Facelift

Al Pacino and Girlfriend Facelift
(Lucila Sola starring the strange girlfriend)

Funny Al Pacino and Sean Penn and Son

Al Pacino and Sean Penn and Son
Al Pacino and Sean Penn..poor kid

Funny Al Pacino Puppet

Al Pacino Puppet
I tried illustrating Al's most popular and classic films. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the list: The Godfather I II III (1972), (1974), (1990) Serpico (1973) Dog Day Afternoon 1975) And Justice for all (1979) Scarface (1983) Scent of a Woman (1992) The Devil's Advocate (1997) Donnie Brasco (1997) S1m0ne (2002) You Don't Know Jack (2010 Thanks.
Member reactions: the master back. Looks like a winner here: Fabulous concept and execution.
is that awesome or something like that . love the blend ,idea
Congrats Xaos54. You have reached the Master Class it appears.
Congratulation, Xaos54. Your artwork always great and awesome.
Congrats on the win, Chaos, it's a full package of creativity in this chop. You also get an honorary nickname "Photoshop Face" in honor of Scar Face movie
Thanks again folks... this was a challenging chop so many great movies to chose from. LoL Newsy
Oh man, if I only had such a creative mind... you have mostly the best idea and an excellent chopping technique - hardly to resist Keep up your great work.
Congrats on the gold. you did an awesome job.

Funny Al Pacino

Al Pacino
This Sunday, one of the greatest actors of all times, Al Pacino, will be celebrating his 70th birthday. Check out some little known facts about big Al: * Has never married; * Was arrested in 1961 and charged with carrying a concealed weapon; * Turned down the role of Hans Solo in Star Wars back in 1977; * When he asked $7 million for the Godfather: Part 3 Francis Ford Coppola threatened to rewrite the script and open the film with Michael Corleone's funeral; Pacino eventually settled for $5 million; * Started his career in the entertainment business as a stand-up comic. Happy Birthday, Big Al! To mark the 70th birthday of Al Pacino, photoshop him any way you wish. E.g. think of what alternative roles he could have played, what alternative careers he might have chosen, immortalize him in paintings, etc.

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