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Funny Pacino Pictures

Al Pacino and Girlfriend FaceliftFunny Al Pacino and Girlfriend Facelift
Member reactions:
(Lucila Sola starring the strange girlfriend)

Al Pacino and Sean Penn and SonFunny Al Pacino and Sean Penn and Son
Member reactions:

Al Pacino and Sean Penn..poor kid
oh my god...... awesome... terrific... gooood job

Al Pacino PuppetFunny Al Pacino Puppet
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I tried illustrating Al's most popular and classic films. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the list: The Godfather I II III (1972), (1974), (1990) Serpico (1973) Dog Day Afternoon 1975) And Justice for all (1979) Scarface (1983) Scent of a Woman (1992) The Devil's Advocate (1997) Donnie Brasco (1997) S1m0ne (2002) You Don't Know Jack (2010 Thanks. the master back. Looks like a winner here: Fabulous concept and execution.
is that awesome or something like that . love the blend ,idea
Congrats Xaos54. You have reached the Master Class it appears.
Congratulation, Xaos54. Your artwork always great and awesome.
Congrats Xaos54. quality work as always
Congrats on the win, Chaos, it's a full package of creativity in this chop. You also get an honorary nickname "Photoshop Face" in honor of Scar Face movie
Thanks again folks... this was a challenging chop so many great movies to chose from. LoL Newsy
Oh man, if I only had such a creative mind... you have mostly the best idea and an excellent chopping technique - hardly to resist Keep up your great work.
Congrats on the gold. you did an awesome job.

Al Pacino Rocker StatueFunny Al Pacino Rocker Statue
Member reactions:

Original face here:
Love the texture work. The result looks photo-realistic.

Al Pacino as the QueenFunny Al Pacino as the Queen
Member reactions:

Just the thought makes me gag but, Congrats; so far so good.
Wood congrats, cic. Wonderfully crafted, I would only increase the contrast on his face

Al Pacino Roughed UpFunny Al Pacino Roughed Up
Member reactions:

oh my, learned the hard way. nice entry
You must have the wrong 'AL' but, good work. Too old to win a fight. Never...
Another "facial" masterpiece by johnx. Actually, I think johnx is an emergency room doctor and takes photos of the patients so he can use them in his images.
congrats dude but ifins i were u I'd get a piece.
thanks guys. I will have to stop beating up celebs in chops. I will end up in the boot of a car
Silver congrats, John, you did him well.
Congrats on silver john. he really looks busted up haha.
Congrats on Silver and Bronze, John. A little more work on this and you would have zombified him, ehh....

Al Pacino FiremanFunny Al Pacino Fireman
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, two win at same time. Congratulation again johnx1...
Thanks guys. yes I am very VERY happy with a double
Bronze for bad boy Johnny too. Congrats.
Nice one John. this was my fav, congrats.

Hayden Panatierre, Mr. Bean and Al PacinoFunny Hayden Panatierre, Mr. Bean and Al Pacino
Member reactions:

Hayden's head, Mr. Bean's eyes, and Al Pacino's nose

Robert DeNiro and Al PacinoFunny Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino
Member reactions:

Funny idea. Maybe should you do something similar with his/their shirt and jacket.
Thanks Paul. I did do a shirt and jacket ver but the effect was better with face only. Im not sure why

AL Pacino With Ears for EyesFunny AL Pacino With Ears for Eyes
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Freaky - and it still keeps his personality.

Al PacinoFunny Al Pacino - This Sunday, one of the greatest actors of all times, Al Pacino, will be celebrating his 70th birthday. Check out some little known facts about big Al: * Has never married; * Was arrested in 1961 and charged with carrying a concealed weapon; * Turned down the role of Hans Solo in Star Wars back in 1977; * When he asked $7 million for the Godfather: Part 3 Francis Ford Coppola threatened to rewrite the script and open the film with Michael Corleone's funeral; Pacino eventually settled for $5 million; * Started his career in the entertainment business as a stand-up comic. Happy Birthday, Big Al! To mark the 70th birthday of Al Pacino, photoshop him any way you wish. E.g. think of what alternative roles he could have played, what alternative careers he might have chosen, immortalize him in paintings, etc.

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