Anne Hathaway by Pablo
Anne Hathaway by Pablo
Anne Hathaway by Pablo. Source of painting

Funny Self Portrait of Pablo Picasso

Self Portrait of Pablo Picasso
Member reactions:
Excellent, and the Wacom pen here is a clever touch.

Funny Pablo Picasso's Girls with Glasses

Pablo Picasso's Girls with Glasses
“Art is a lie that makes us relize the truth.” -Pablo Picasso
Member reactions:
Different approach to the contest theme. Love it.
Hahahahaha another one out of the box. Well thought

Funny Pablo Picasso Portrait

Pablo Picasso Portrait
Member reactions:
Well done. I would sharpen his face a bit.
Artistic piece. Should have scored higher

Funny Pablo Picasso Self Portrait

Pablo Picasso Self Portrait
Member reactions:
Awesome chop to see Picaso himself... great job done nice concept
Gold congrats, Funkmeister. Big surprise. .
Congrats all the way. Nice work as usual
Excellent work... Gold clearly from the start

Funny Juan Pablo Galavis Wanted Poster

Juan Pablo Galavis Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
Donkey trying to get that rose.. Very funny work
You have rendered Juan no favors with your caricature impression of him. Not that you should. L.O.L Looks like Juan has taken 1 too many soccer ball to the head. I'm sure Juan Pablo thanks goodness for ID cards. Superior work to say the least. The Donkey is an outrageously funny (clever) addition. Looks like a wiener to me.
Great caricature but donkey expression is the excellence in the chop
Gold congrats, Jim. What, you couldn't win all four trophies. .
Congrats, JimShorts. Who is Juan on the picture.
Hi Wanderer... Juan is the guy on this seasons The Bachelor. I don't watch it, but my wife does.

Funny Pablo Picasso Caricature

Pablo Picasso Caricature
The painting is a profession to be blind, one does not paint what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen. "Pablo Picasso". "mixed media" Picasso likely worth millions was in storage in Evansville
Member reactions:
Its very cool painting ... caricature with amazing colors
Excellent caricature... and great work of Picasso art was displayed..... like the funny characters on the table and its shadows... very well done like this job
congrats PS nice work . tells a story...
Nice pic, but GREAT story. Did you incorporate the actual pic from the story into this. I didn't see it, but you may have done it in a clever way such that I am just totally missing it.

Funny Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso
I chose Pablo Picasso himself for my celebrity. Please view full Picasso source and caricature
Member reactions:
Very cool. Feels like a great Picasso tribute. Would actually make a nice poster
Congrats RW Excellent caricature of Picasso.
Wood for Pike and his friend Pablo. Congrats, guys.
Very, very nicely done. I figured you for this one. Excellent tribute.
Congrats to rw for yet another masterpiece.

Funny Pablo Picasso Style

Pablo Picasso Style
Had alot of problems getting him to pose.
Member reactions:
Good tribute to the master himself. Me likey
that was great hobbit keep going my friend

Funny Family of Saltimbanques, Pablo age 9

Family of Saltimbanques, Pablo age 9
Member reactions:
this had a lot of work going into it... Which painting was your source.. Or was it multiple.
the source painting was "Family of Saltimbanques" painted in 1905. He was in his circus performers period, this painting is considered his masterpiece of this period. I drew the figures left handed, hoping for a more primitive, child like feel. (The large face on the right is from "Guerica"painted in 1937.

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