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Funny Own Pictures

Selling his own artFunny Selling his own art
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FN Will Have Its Own Game ShowFunny FN Will Have Its Own Game Show
Member reactions:

And, Ryan Seacrest will be the host. The "unknown" FN-er has facial parts from 4 different FN "choppers."
This FNer is good at multitasking - he can do 2-3 chops at once, hahaha.
HAHhahhAHhahAHhahaH..... Great. I, and Dan.
I see you recognized yourself, PSM. How about you, D-Man.
He got multiple personalities coming to him at regular intervals... I can see some of DMan into his (Mustache) Good one
Ambitious.... Looks like an excellent melding

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Man Wakes Up At His Own FuneralFunny Man Wakes Up At His Own Funeral
Member reactions:

Man wakes up at his own funeral
Mindblowing expression of both Very
Nice composition of Grave and Obama is being risen to care for Michelle good job and funny news
Nicely done, hidden great composition as always.
Another congrats for another cup pcrdds, love the type, it looks like it was actually stamped in the coffin..
Double Woody congrats ... and I see you we're runner-up to yourself as well.
Thanks, Billy Mac. Yeah, I think my evil twin entered the others.

Sinead bearded of her ownFunny Sinead bearded of her own
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Romney Pumps His Own GasFunny Romney Pumps His Own Gas
Member reactions:

Mitt Romney seen actually pumping his own gas.
He has kept his Hope Alive for next elections and by the time pumping his own Gas very funny Like the way Romney is designed and the Dog is guarding the car is so cute
Excellent work done good story created. neat and clean chop.
ha ha ha hysterical idea, Hilarius chop, freaky dog and crazy car with funky look and great staring girl in background is very genius placement with hording as she voted
Great chop, and I love it even more for details like - the homeless girl with the sign in the background and Hope poster. Bronze congrats too, Paul.

My Own Little WorldFunny My Own Little World
Member reactions:

This is good to have their own little house good house built

His very own personal groomerFunny His very own personal groomer
Member reactions:

Excellent chop to put him over his head and the facial expression is perfectly matching good one
One of my favorites in the contest. Congrats on the wood too, Mundo.

Stop at your own Risk!Funny Stop at your own Risk!
Member reactions:

Well designed the sign boards its always keeps shocking the travelers who desperate to find some peace
Thrilled already cant stop laugh ha ha ha very interesting signs
Thanks,Paul,ericnorthend and rajeshstar..

Lion King Of His Own WorldFunny Lion King Of His Own World
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USA Owned by United Arab Emirates?Funny USA Owned by United Arab Emirates? - Take something the U.S. Government runs (Ports, the Postal service, FBI, CIA, TSA, IRS... anything the Federal Government is involved in) and create images showing what Arab ownership might do to it (e.g. Arab postmen and TSA, Arab FBI, etc.).

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