Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas
Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas
Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas. Mitt Romney seen actually pumping his own gas.
Member reactions:
He has kept his Hope Alive for next elections and by the time pumping his own Gas very funny Like the way Romney is designed and the Dog is guarding the car is so cute
Excellent work done good story created. neat and clean chop.
ha ha ha hysterical idea, Hilarius chop, freaky dog and crazy car with funky look and great staring girl in background is very genius placement with hording as she voted
Great chop, and I love it even more for details like - the homeless girl with the sign in the background and Hope poster. Bronze congrats too, Paul.

Funny Sisters Doing Their Own Dental Work

Sisters Doing Their Own Dental Work
Member reactions:
This job was my favourite to win this contest. Anyway, congrats bigdbud

Funny My Own Little World

My Own Little World
Member reactions:
This is good to have their own little house good house built

Funny Stop at Own Risk Signs in Syria

Stop at Own Risk Signs in Syria
Member reactions:
Well designed the sign boards its always keeps shocking the travelers who desperate to find some peace
Thrilled already cant stop laugh ha ha ha very interesting signs
Thanks,Paul,ericnorthend and rajeshstar..

Funny Lion King Of His Own World

Lion King Of His Own World

Funny Oprah's Own Network Headquaters

Oprah's Own Network Headquaters
NEWS STORY Turner Wages War...maybe
Member reactions:
Thank you, Many hrs and tricks for your viewing pleasure.
It shows a lot of photoshop work indeed. However composition-wise, if you show the image to someone without a title and description, it'll be hard to figure out what it represents. In my opinion, a chop should speak for itself, even without a title and description. That's the kind of images that go viral and get forwarded on the net.
Nice use of main source here. I do like Oprahs head, tho copter in foreground seems to need a little more wk.
Huh. Oprah Rushmore, Broadcast tower on her head and a Turner helicopter shooting at the tower. I can't make it any easier to decipher unless I spelled it out in alphabet soup and spoon fed ya. Jeezze help me out here, at least put in a little work hahahahaahaha. You got to know me by now, Vlad. I don't do viral stuff, served up for the instant message mentality generation. I do "think about it". However, as a pal, I'll do you a few viral possibilites, coming up. Yeah, Kellie, I sort of lost interest in taking it further and defining the chopper blades, fine tuning, sharpening and all that. This chop actually exists in two versions and I talked myself out of both of them. The first version was better I think
. It's an amazing work hitspinner. One of my favorite in this contest.Awesome...Put in my fav.
Good stuff. Is that Kratos in the hot air balloon.
Yeh, thanks, Glad someone liked it hahah I think it sucks and you guys are way too kind. Well after giving it a day, I guess it's okay. There is a lesson and I am looking for it. If you think about it, the chop has some pretty good stuff going for it but falls a bit short. What would you do to improve it.... yes you

Funny Possessed Skeletons Own Ninja Duo

Possessed Skeletons Own Ninja Duo
Member reactions:
you should fix the arm of the lady, because you can still see a part of the shoe
Congrats on the gold crusader, very nice work..
Congrats on the win, crusader. You are on a roll.
this is your 5th gold too, so congrats on the graduation from the apprentice league. Time to play in the advanced contest section.

Funny My Own Fairytale

My Own Fairytale
We make choices in life... We walk the way we want... We choose the person whom we want to be with... We crafted our own fairytale... The end, however depends on our fate..not on our choices alone.
Member reactions:
A beauty. I really enjoyed this. Wish the full view was larger though
Great one too moroka congrats on the gold Star and keep going

Funny Chavez tells Obama to get his own Parrot

Chavez tells Obama to get his own Parrot
Actually, the story reads "Chavez Tells Obama He Should Follow Venezuela’s Socialist Path". Obama replies, “Yeah, sure thing. In fact, I already am.” Source image

Funny JOhn McCain Blowing his own Trumpet

JOhn McCain Blowing his own Trumpet
Member reactions:
I can hear him trumping indeed. Quality work

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