Oversized Liner
Oversized Liner
Oversized Liner. World's largest and most expensive cruise ship
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Sure is big. Nice changes.
Note: not to scale... Oh, wait, it is. o.O

Funny Giant Oprah Oversized Load

Giant Oprah Oversized Load

Funny Oversized Animals

Oversized Animals
The world's tallest dog, Great Dane called George, weighs in at over 245 pounds and stands 43 inches tall. George sleeps on a queen size bed alone, consumes 110 pounds of food every month, sits on a chair like a human, and has to bend over to drink out of the kitchen faucet. George is also terrified of chihuahuas. Photoshop oversized animals (except humans) any way you wish.

Funny Oversized Babies

Oversized Babies
A Brazilian woman gave birth to a 14-pound baby girl this Tuesday. Both mom and the daughter are healthy, but the baby is so large that her feet reach over the edge of her small crib. This is just another example of oversized babies this society is producing lately, and there's little we can do about it. The Guinness World Record for largest baby born to a healthy mother still stands however, and belongs to a boy weighing over 22 pounds born in Italy in 1955. But the record isn't going to stand much longer. Because let's face it - if anyone had to give birth to a 100 pound baby, it would be Anna Nicole Smith, and she's due in October. So write down my words, and keep an eye on her. I have a feeling when her baby is born, he'll make elephants look like mice, only with trunks attached. In this contest you are asked to make babies oversized. Make them bigger or fatter, or possibly both. P.S. Even though there are many oversized babies born these days, there are also women who were put on earth just to keep the average born baby weight in good brackets. Anorexic Keira Knightley and Nicole Richie will produce babies lighter than air, so the moment they are born they will fly up in the air and will only be caught by the umbilical cords attached.

Funny Oversized Food

Oversized Food
Photoshop oversized food.

Funny Oversized Snowman

Oversized Snowman
Create images of oversized snowman / snowwoman, or any large snow sculptures.

Funny Oversized Items

Oversized Items
Create images of anyone using, wearing or holding OVERSIZED animate or inanimate items. Use food, cosmetics, jewelry, small pets etc.) The key to this contest is to make your image look as REAL as possible. Note: Entries that do not have the object being worn, held, used or being touched by the person will not be accepted!

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