Floating Fantasy Outhouse
Floating Fantasy Outhouse
Floating Fantasy Outhouse. see large size
Member reactions:
Looks like an illustration from some amazing fantasy story. The reflections alone are worth a high grade. I especially like how you did the flying outhouse with a round hole at the bottom

Funny desert outhouse

desert outhouse
when you really have to go
Member reactions:
Nice job sitting this on the sand, quite convincing.
I like this, but I would desaturate the colors a bit(except for the barn) to make it look natural.

Funny Outhouse Bill Clinton

Outhouse Bill Clinton
View full.
Member reactions:
The outhouse photo kills me. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Funny IRS Flushes Outhouse

IRS Flushes Outhouse
They even took some of the roof.
Member reactions:
is this what you'd call a "half-sh*t". fun chop
Everything is half torn wonderful tax extraction

Funny Strange Outhouse

Strange Outhouse
The fear of porta-potties, phone booths, and other small spaces.
Member reactions:
hot dog, that looks fancier then my house.

Funny Boys in an Outhouse

Boys in an Outhouse
Looks like grandma's plumbing needs some updating
Member reactions:
shadow on tp is same side of light source.
Perfectly crafted concept brilliantly blended.

Funny McCain and Bush Outhouse Politics

McCain and Bush Outhouse Politics
Member reactions:
Outhouse photo was circulated to me via email. Originally had sign on top reading "politicians" and bottom "voters".

Funny Outhouse

Outhouse Collection
Member reactions:
Never a line to use the bathroom at this house.

Funny Outhouse Door

Outhouse Door
We were able to replace our outhouse door with a lavatory door from Eastern Airlines. We're living high on the hog now.
Member reactions:
The door is the only thig around here that does work.

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