Woman in a Yellow Outfit Holding a Black Dog Digital Art
Woman in a Yellow Outfit Holding a Black Dog Digital Art
Woman in a Yellow Outfit Holding a Black Dog Digital Art. It's time to put another dog in the picture because I love dogs of all sizes and shape. Digital Art
Member reactions:
Poster quality. I could expect to see this as one of the popular graphic styles in Jackie -Os period. But with French captions. Very well done Joan

Funny Lady Gaga Wearing a Donut Outfit

Lady Gaga Wearing a Donut Outfit
Member reactions:
beautiful, it looks clean and smooth. good job.
Very clever and definitely something Lady Gaga could do.
Ha ha ha ha... yeh this is truly possible with her to adapt this costume very occasionally if some event coming and she is very innovative in this area Sweet work hidden
Could someone eat she entirely and solve the problem .

Funny Woman in a Wild Outfit Digital Drawing

Woman in a Wild Outfit Digital Drawing
This is a piece of mixed media digital art. The foreground was inspired by a picture in an older high fashion magazine of a model in haute couture clothing. I thought it was a pretty wild outfit but it was interesting so I enjoyed doing it. The background was done using a photograph I took which was also altered in photoshop. I used a lot of different layers to get the effect I wanted .Also, I used tips from my favourite reference book, "100% Photoshop" by Steve Caplin. For anyone interested in digital artwork without using mixed media, this book is an excellent reference.
Member reactions:
Very Nice. In a couple of ways she reminds me of Cher

Funny Joe Biden in a Pink Bunny Outfit

Joe Biden in a Pink Bunny Outfit
Member reactions:
Brilliant focus work. I like this HD quality chop

Funny Dachshund in Fluffy Pink Outfit

Dachshund in Fluffy Pink Outfit
I don't have time to do something from scratch so throwing this PS I did of our dog earlier. She has, by the way, a pink nose that goes with this particular color for dachshunds.
Member reactions:
Hummmm. Wonder who this could be. Very Nice Job
Thanks for the comments. Unlike most blondes I know, she's a natural.
Knew that was a Doxie original, love it, go girl

Funny Van Gogh's Winter Outfit

Van Gogh's Winter Outfit
Member reactions:
Very good. The lack of eyes looks a bit funny, maybe if you tinted the goggles some.
changed the look of the goggles completely. hope it's better.
Me likes. This image should open a new page in Van Gogh's biography. He's an avid skier.

Funny Boy in a Karate Outfit on a Unicycle

Boy in a Karate Outfit on a Unicycle
Member reactions:
Nice. Good job of grabbing him from the original background.
Photo-realistic, very much so...well done
Congrats on some good work and a trio of wins.
Congratulations on clean sweep of top 3 places, Mr Mo.

Funny Dachshund Dog Wearing a Spooted Outfit

Dachshund Dog Wearing a Spooted Outfit
Don't you just hate it when people dress their dogs up in adorable little costumes. Cici looks so sad, yet disturbingly arousing... hmmmmmm. Nov 18 - Thanks for the feedback. I added some fur to the hands and darkened up the ear a bit to hide it. I also removed my web address... sorry I'm new to the freakingnews.com game, but it's soooo fun so far. Thanks again. Versago www.versago.com
Member reactions:
Awwwww. Sweet - edit improves it. It's a convention here that we remain anonymous till voting has ended. FN is really about what members do here on this site - if you want to link to your external website, best to do it on your FN personal stats page - but I see you only joined today - so welcome, looks like you'll be good company.
Yes...She's humanoid...not quite what the contest says. But nice idea and gr8 work.
Its amazing how much tanner her head is than her arms.
Love the sad expression.. well done - and Welcome.
welcome. hey you got a freak talent in merging 2 images keep it up. but i suggest you to keep CiCi original face as a dog.
great execution and very nice effect on the face , my favourite

Funny Serena Williams's New Outfit

Serena Williams's New Outfit
Fueled by this: Tennis Serves Up A Glitzy New Image and this : FreakingNews T-Shirts
Member reactions:
Nice idea and pretty well done, but too bad the source pics of the FN logo got so blurry.
No fair... She got her Freaking Tshirt first. . Nice idea.
bout time they started wearing some bling.

Funny Rosario Dawson in a Batman Outfit

Rosario Dawson in a Batman Outfit

Funny The Queen's Party Outfit

The Queen's Party Outfit
The Queen recently got her party on (by which we mean she made a rare nighttime appearance with friends at The Ivy), and was spotted holding a purse. But this wasn't just any basic Birkin Bag—her majesty was seen with a clutch that had what appears to be an image of her sister Princess Margaret (along with her children Lady Sarah Chatto and Earl of Snowdon David Armstrong Jones) on it. Turn any celebrity or politician into the British Queen! IMPORTANT NOTE: No cartoons or caricatures, try to make your Queen as real and believable as you can! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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