Margaritaville's Outdoor Blackjack
Margaritaville's Outdoor Blackjack
Margaritaville's Outdoor Blackjack. Margaritville let's the Blackjack Games Begin Outdoors. News Link, 6/7/13: Margaritaville Debuts Outdoor Blackjack Tables Stock Images Large Image View
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"Thank you, thank you very much" Elvis Playing Card Source: Mellowmint
I'll come back and look at this one later. Right now it's way to early to start drinking and if I look at this pic much longer I'm gonna have to go make me a margarita or 3.
SplatShot, Congratulations on the Bronze... ; )
Thank you Wanderer, Paul, Bmore and all.
Hah, I recognize this style. Happens to be so boss. God, I wish I was there and that sir is a sign you really did your job well. Primo.
Thanx Geri . Super kudos from a super artist. Thanks Hit-man. I feel what your saying about being there....the white foamy froth breaking there on the shore line kinda makes your mouth water, doesn't it.
Nice job Slapshot.. congrats on the Bronze..

Funny Small Outdoor Sauna Shed

Small Outdoor Sauna Shed
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Well idea like the theme of Sauna from Bamboo

Funny Barack Obama at an Outdoor Toilet with Penny Pritzker

Barack Obama at an Outdoor Toilet with Penny Pritzker
NY Times Downplays Former Obama Fundraiser Penny Pritzker's Problems
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Toilet aid is very funny to save a penny... good job done
Great work , but remember (shadows are important too )
see something streaming out down the Toilet

Funny White House Outdoor Games

White House Outdoor Games
Member reactions:
Like how you switched the legs & arms on the bodies ....
Marvelous Job Done..... this is really a superb work good job on the smiley face of Obama and Michael and funny jumping jack behind
Clean and flawless job Seems to be both enjoying out there
Silver Congrats to you Paul , I loved this one from the beginning ...
Congratulations. Always hysterically funny.
Congrats, on the Silver....great job Paul.
Thanks, G-Man. thanks, crusader. Thanks, Bernie. Thanks, Marckus.

Funny The Outdoor Puppeteer

The Outdoor Puppeteer

Funny Barack Obama's Outdoor Speach

Barack Obama's Outdoor Speach
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. I like how you did the American Freedom box "made in China" - excellent.

Funny Man in an Outdoor Electric Chair

Man in an Outdoor Electric Chair

Funny Kids Outdoor Zombie Playhouse

Kids Outdoor Zombie Playhouse
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One of the better entries in the show. Another great work from Slixter creations.

Funny Sails Over an Outdoor Setting

Sails Over an Outdoor Setting
I took the photo in Lisbon last fall. The shadows are right rear to left front, so I tried to have the frame cast a similar shadow forward rather than the ususal shadow onto the background.

Funny Giant Outdoor Clock

Giant Outdoor Clock
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Does dish network know what you did to their equipment ....& does it get good reception.

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