Eared Ostrich
Eared Ostrich
Eared Ostrich . Member reactions:

Funny Ostrich

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You cant post pictures of Donald Trump and call it an ostrich.

Funny Ostrich Barbecue Fiddling

Ostrich Barbecue Fiddling
Nero Chicken
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Holy Smokes, Frick'n "Devil went down to Georgia" Hot.
What. No Jack Daniels to quench her thirst.

Funny Skating Ostrich

Skating Ostrich
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Funny Joey Biden and Nancy Pelosi Riding and Ostrich and a Turkey

Joey Biden and Nancy Pelosi Riding and Ostrich and a Turkey
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Great Thanksgiving humor. Thanks for the laughs.

Funny Ostrich with Four Eyes

Ostrich with Four Eyes

Funny Sir Ostrich the Knight

Sir Ostrich the Knight
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Clever composition, Hidden. The shadows under the kid need to have softer edges and be more transparent. Also the shadows from his arm and sword should not be cast on the castle wall as it's too far (better remove those at all)
Woody Congrats Andwhat.. Great job on the armor

Funny Ostrich on a Wooden Plane

Ostrich on a Wooden Plane
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Excellent work, but it would look MUCH better without the foggy borders

Funny Barack Obama the Crazy Ostrich

Barack Obama the Crazy Ostrich
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Love it, but again the foggy borders are not needed I think
The girl should also produce shadows on the ostrich.

Funny Gorilla Riding a Three Headed Ostrich

Gorilla Riding a Three Headed Ostrich
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Nice Work. and Very Imaginative. But the white feathered borders are UN-appealing to me.
Add some shadows from the gorilla onto the ostrich and get rid of the foggy borders and you have a top entry
Sure the top one following the suggestions.
Congrats on the Silver as well, Illum.. Very Nice

Funny Ostrich Having a Ball

Ostrich Having a Ball
Photoshop the photo of this ostrich having a ball any way you wish. Ostriches are easily trained - some are even trained to race in ostrich races where jockeys ride on their backs, just like with horses. Ostriches along with emus and penguins, are the only birds that can not fly at all (chickens can fly very short distances so they are not in this category). They are the biggest birds on the planet (averaging 230 lbs and 7 feet) with very strong legs, so they can develop speeds up to 50 miles an hour - running faster than most birds fly. These birds are quite playful foo, as shown in today's photo - ostriches literally like to kick balls with their strong feet! This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News.

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