Spongebob orphan
Spongebob orphan
Spongebob orphan. Stephen Hillenburg, ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Creator, Dies at 57
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Awesome square head caricature,Denlig. Congrats on the Silver.

Funny Orphan


Funny Orphan Monkey Movie

Orphan Monkey Movie

Funny Princess Leia in the Orphan Movie

Princess Leia in the Orphan Movie

Funny Creepy Orphan Girl

Creepy Orphan Girl
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Yes, I read your forum voting comments. It is usually better to downsize images. Going up or down, before doing so, convert the item into a smart object. This wil help retain the resolution. Works great downsizing, but to upsize go in increments, the smaller the increase the better (until you can see that the resolution is dropping). If it needs a alittle help after that, try the smarten filters; smart sharpen or unsharp mask can usually help a little.

Funny Orphan Kim Jong Un

Orphan Kim Jong Un
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Very spooky. I do think the blurry part detracted rather.
Looks like a pastel drawing, really nice PJ

Funny Homer Simpson in the Orphan Movie

Homer Simpson in the Orphan Movie

Funny Halloween Orphan

Halloween Orphan
Member reactions:
This is too horrific poster... and the quote is really scary.. She ate her parents... Like your idea and the chop its perfect and clean
Their eyes looking horror -->Nice creativity

Funny Orphan Cat

Orphan Cat
Member reactions:
This cat works very well with the source. Nice blend.
Great blending of Cat face over this poster looks real

Funny Orphan in the War

Orphan in the War
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Really caught my attention with this concept; great but,painfully, simplistic.
Heart touching work..so sad some of the political actions ruins ppls life for nothing
Thank you so much Geriatric, Balodiya, AzureSky, Ericcnorthend appreciate your comments.
The message should reach to those people who creates war and make others suffer for their whole life.... really touching chop with a kid just turned an orphan..
'When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace' People who make war don't have heart Rajeshstar, thank you for your comment. Really didn't expect to take gold.
Many thanks Pcrdds, Geriatric, JimShorts.
Strong message in this poster. Congrats on the gold, Sun.
D-man, Eric, Newsy lots of thanks for congrats.
Funkwood, Salis thank you for your comments hope our leaders will wake up and see war is the worst thing possible.

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