Moon Christmas Bauble Ornament
Moon Christmas Bauble Ornament
Moon Christmas Bauble Ornament. Member reactions:
Cool idea--but I'd like to see more detail in the moon.

Funny NY Mets Ornament

NY Mets Ornament
"What do you say we take a relaxed attitude toward work and watch the baseball match. The Nye Mets are my favorite squadron." - Apu

Funny Escher Christmas Ornament

Escher Christmas Ornament
Member reactions:
To say this is brilliant is to say nothin' Superior chop

Funny Moose Wearing Christmas Ornaments

Moose Wearing Christmas Ornaments
Member reactions:
So sweet... Nice christmas decoration done

Funny The New Knight Ornaments

The New Knight Ornaments
Lady Auden enjoyed decorating her new mansion. She placed original paintings in her great room but, in her opinion, the best find she made was the two ornamental knights standing en guarde by her fireplace. As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder….
Member reactions:
it says I can't vote for my own entry, so I vote for this one.
“beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” eloquently done…
Very good... and a lot of work went into it.

Funny Horse and Rider Car Hood Ornament

Horse and Rider Car Hood Ornament
Member reactions:
ohhhh, i like.. the reflections are awsome.

Funny Angry Santa Christmas Ornament

Angry Santa Christmas Ornament
Like the rest of us, Santa has had it. A little snow will "refresh" him.

Funny Saturn Chrstmas Ornament

Saturn Chrstmas Ornament
Only using very basic and the 1st edition of Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition.

Funny The Exorcist Christmas Ornament

The Exorcist Christmas Ornament

Funny Batman & Escher Ornament

Batman & Escher Ornament
Member reactions:
nope its batman dealing with his new Escher bat theme drawing as a signal.........good idea though.
Funky. But it takes a second look to lrealize the disk has to do with Escher.

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