Pi Origins
Pi Origins
Pi Origins. Member reactions:
Awesome idea and quality work, Cosmix. Very nicely done.
Great scenery. Top 2 work.. Love to see source material
Thanks Craftlord I often create so many layers that itís too much to source. My wife thinks people donít understand how much work I put into chops because of the seamless quality making them look like one source . I also often delete the source as I go because I have so many bloated files. Had cringe worthy crashes when getting so carried away and not saving after every few photoshop moves and lose the later work in a crash.

Funny Nazca Lines Origins

Nazca Lines Origins
Tripped over this canister walking the Peruvian desert.
Member reactions:
We must not leave out the Gods and their great machines. Top 5 kudos

Funny The Egyptian Origins of the Oscar

The Egyptian Origins of the Oscar
Member reactions:
The original idea for Oscar came from PTAH the Egyptian statue that you see on the left in the pic. The Ptah Statue was gifted to the artisan that crafted the best pictures on the temple walls It is clear that PTAH has clothes on. The real question is WHY was the Oscar statue designed ... . Also during FREAKSHOW anything goes. Voila
I was always wondering what the Oscar statue statuette me of. Thanks, Willie.

Funny Tiger Origins - X-men

Tiger Origins - X-men
This is the new film of the X-men. Tigers dominate the cinema. In this entry the hardest part was working in the fur of the tiger. SOURCES Step by step
Member reactions:
Because my image is placed in the top, if I lost. I am surprised that my post has been 7 place. Uffff not surprising. But there will be other contests...
nice one Taita . it's great to see this image in the top keep going
Quality work, Taita. There were many other quality entries in the contest though which made this a tough competition.

Funny Swine Flu H1N1 Origins

Swine Flu H1N1 Origins
Member reactions:
You did a fantastic composition with the sources. Great imagination and technique
Hit, Newsie, krato and 1reader: THANKS. It was fun to play with.

Funny The Origin of the Hot Air Balloon

The Origin of the Hot Air Balloon

Funny Packman's Origins

Packman's Origins
Member reactions:
in my humble opinion I think I know the artist on this,and I think you are working to close up, add area to background,just my thoughts.

Funny Marx Men Origins

Marx Men Origins

Funny Mr. Berlusconi's origins

Mr. Berlusconi's origins
As stated during last G8....

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