King ping OReilly
King ping OReilly
King ping OReilly. Member reactions:
Thanks SplatShot & Hitspinner

Funny Father Oreilly

Father Oreilly
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Bronze cup, always top performer
Awesome Job and Congrats on the Bronze, D.Dog. Sorry bout the 7, it's a 8-9 all day long. Judgement gets cattywampus sometimes when voting on a entered contest.
Thanks everyone, thanks Champ, I'm still not sold on it.
Congrats on the Bronze, DD. His essence is still there. Sometimes the slightest tweak pushes these caricatures in the wrong direction so I know what you mean. But he's still in the ball park. My philosophy for when I loose control, which is frequently is to go back to basics where less is more. I think you were referring to the first draft in that way. Anyway, it sure ain't an exact science

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