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Funny Orangutan Pictures

Jack OrangutanFunny Jack Orangutan
Member reactions:
Have to love these little guys.
Excellent look of the Ape and the Cap its real Monkey Cap
faaaaantastic work, i like much really

Orangutans DancingFunny Orangutans Dancing
Member reactions:

I love that you put underwear on the one in the top right. Very funny
HA HA HA, MADE ME LAUGH Superb Composition and Good shadow work too
see the expression of the both the monkey's down under. very funny Nice monkey balance act only they can do it in this world very funny to see this
You had fun making this, i bet.Grats on the dubble Pree.
thank you everyone,,, I did have fun making this ) ..
Freaking beutificent. Congrats on the silver, Pree.

This is my Mutant Baby OrangutanFunny This is my Mutant Baby Orangutan
Member reactions:

Orangutan Baroness and ChildFunny Orangutan Baroness and Child
Member reactions:

Unique concept,backdrop and colors; good luck.
Well done but the head from the original source is still there

Orangutan TeacherFunny Orangutan Teacher
Member reactions:

He has proof on his chalkboard how man evolved.He is one well dressed teacher.
the evolution poster and the noble couple picture.
hobbit very funny ..the books all the extras. congrats..
Congrats very distinguished looking primate
Wood for Hobbit. Nice to see you on the podium again.
Congrads on the cup. Excellent De evolution poster is a hoot.

Orangutan AstronautFunny Orangutan Astronaut
Member reactions:

congratulations,boozlee, wonderful realism's,,
Virtual reality .. amazing.... congrats on the Bronze , boozlee..
Photo realism really sells this image for me. Congrats on the bronze, boozlee.

Orangutan Stunt on a MotorbikeFunny Orangutan Stunt on a Motorbike
Member reactions:

One handed seat grab, I think
Feels like a real photo. You cheated and took a picture of your trained monkey with a bike, hahahaa. Great chop.

Orangutan CameraFunny Orangutan Camera
Member reactions:

Snap-happy Vienna orangutan opens Facebook gallery Nonja's Facebook Gallery Nikon... so easy a monkey can use it.
Gave me a chuckle. Looks freaking natural.
Great work Burnitfaery great to see you back . keep going

Orangutan GandalfFunny Orangutan Gandalf
Member reactions:

Wunderbar. I love how you did even the monkey dark hand. I think it'd look even cooler in color, but hey it's still top job

Orangutan with DreadlocksFunny Orangutan with Dreadlocks
Member reactions:

Ey mon, whatchou lookin at. Aintchou never seen no Orangufarian before mon. heh heh. It's all good mon.
Hahhahhahaa. too cute; where's the 'doobie'.

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