Orangutan Cat Hybrid
Orangutan Cat Hybrid
Orangutan Cat Hybrid. Member reactions:
Where do you find Banana flavored cat food.
That would really freak me out if I walked down the sidewalk and saw it. NICE.
This just made me laugh. Great job mrmo2.
wish I'd have time to have voted on this, great job.

Funny Man on the Street with an Orangutan

Man on the Street with an Orangutan
Member reactions:
I understand the vultures, but what's up with the orangutan.
OK Vultures - Check Orangutan - Check Q: Who is the lady in what appears to be a camo dress. I she just out taking a stretch or is she a Gospel singer from the mission, belting out a Broadway Hit, to entice custom. Like a carnival barker. Also, regarding that guy with his hands behind his back. I always, always, thought he looked like a cop. Either on his day off or on plain clothes detail. You get so you can just tell.

Funny Oprah with her Pet Orangutan

Oprah with her Pet Orangutan

Funny Jodie Foster's Pet Orangutan

Jodie Foster's Pet Orangutan

Funny Orangutan Enjoying Easter

Orangutan Enjoying Easter
Primates Go Ape for Easter
Member reactions:
Smart work, congratulations on the win, Deb.

Funny Orangutan Lips

Orangutan Lips

Funny Orangutan Dancer

Orangutan Dancer
Member reactions:
Love the concept, but the head and chest may need a slight color adjustment - they are somewhat greeh-ish compared to the arms.

Funny Orangutan Astronaut

Orangutan Astronaut
Bubbles The Astronaut
Member reactions:
Quality blending, but I would love to see more changes to the suit itself.
i agree with newsy, changing/add on suit would outstand more. still nice.
this is good. the monkey fits well tho b/w.

Funny Two Headed Orangutan Baby

Two Headed Orangutan Baby
Member reactions:
I guess you'd have to call this a Duo-Tang.
i like how it's pulling

Funny Orangutan Having a Family Meal

Orangutan Having a Family Meal
"an apple a day keeps the vet away"
Member reactions:
Freaking funny, bet he eats them out of house and home.
the monkey needs a liitle more time to work on lightning, But i like the presentation it fits on. ( on my opinion ).
Grandpa was always a messy eater you know...

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