Orangutan Family Meal
Orangutan Family Meal
Orangutan Family Meal. "an apple a day keeps the vet away"
Member reactions:
Freaking funny, bet he eats them out of house and home.
the monkey needs a liitle more time to work on lightning, But i like the presentation it fits on. ( on my opinion ).
Grandpa was always a messy eater you know...

Funny orangutan


Funny Orangutan Late Night Show

Orangutan Late Night Show
Taken off screen after one season, no matter how intresting his guests , he couldn't hold his attention very long.
Member reactions:
Letterman's showmaker: Maybe you should consider shaving, Dave,- they can hardly recognize you...

Funny Two-headed Orangutan

Two-headed Orangutan

Funny Orangutans


Funny Orangutans Using Cell Phones

Orangutans Using Cell Phones
If orangutans acted like people
Member reactions:
So even chimps now don't talk to each other.

Funny Baby Orangutan with a Milkshake

Baby Orangutan with a Milkshake

Funny Orangutan in a Pin Wig

Orangutan in a Pin Wig
Member reactions:
I think it looks more like nicki minaj though -->_ -->
Yeah.... Lady Gaga hair style perfectly matches to that ape looks funnier

Funny Upside Down Orangutan

Upside Down Orangutan

Funny The Upside Down Orangutan

The Upside Down Orangutan

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