Orangutan Family Meal
Orangutan Family Meal
Orangutan Family Meal. "an apple a day keeps the vet away"
Member reactions:
Freaking funny, bet he eats them out of house and home.
the monkey needs a liitle more time to work on lightning, But i like the presentation it fits on. ( on my opinion ).
Grandpa was always a messy eater you know...

Funny orangutan


Funny Orangutan Late Night Show

Orangutan Late Night Show
Taken off screen after one season, no matter how intresting his guests , he couldn't hold his attention very long.
Member reactions:
Letterman's showmaker: Maybe you should consider shaving, Dave,- they can hardly recognize you...

Funny Orangutan with Two Heads

Orangutan with Two Heads

Funny Orangutans Without Arms

Orangutans Without Arms

Funny Orangutans Using Cell Phones

Orangutans Using Cell Phones
If orangutans acted like people
Member reactions:
So even chimps now don't talk to each other.

Funny Baby Orangutan with a Milkshake

Baby Orangutan with a Milkshake

Funny Orangutan in a Pin Wig

Orangutan in a Pin Wig
Member reactions:
I think it looks more like nicki minaj though -->_ -->
Yeah.... Lady Gaga hair style perfectly matches to that ape looks funnier

Funny Upside Down Orangutan

Upside Down Orangutan

Funny The Upside Down Orangutan

The Upside Down Orangutan

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