Orange Is The New Orange
Orange Is The New Orange
Orange Is The New Orange. Click Here To See How Many Years She May Get
Member reactions:
Hey, does this prison pantsuit make my butt look big.
No. your fat a$$ make it look big.
Poor Wombat. Hopefully he can escape.
U guys
Wouldn't be the 1st time Wombat got drunk and woke up in jail.

Funny Orange You Glad It's Not A Banana?

Orange You Glad It's Not A Banana?

Funny Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange
Member reactions:
Might be a little dated for a younger audience. This was the bomb movie in my day. Thanks mate

Funny Magritte Orange Pipe

Magritte Orange Pipe
Member reactions:
After Tea time its Pipe time very creative

Funny The Orange Elephant Teapot

The Orange Elephant Teapot
Member reactions:
Nice Elephant chop its huge creative mind behind this Good work hidden
Bronze congrats, luciano. Very nice job.
Congrats, Lucianomorelli. Excellent idea.

Funny Ferrari Orange Teapot

Ferrari Orange Teapot
Member reactions:
Awesome.... The SUV is awesome and will definitely loved by Youth

Funny Orange Clownfish Disrobed

Orange Clownfish Disrobed
Member reactions:
Clean, beautiful, poetic and well done. I love it..........
Congratulations winning the Gold footshot.

Funny The Orange Grenade

The Orange Grenade

Funny Sumo Planking on an Orange

Sumo Planking on an Orange
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Member reactions:
Nice job, should be rating higher.
Congrats on the wood Roby , great chop ....

Funny Clockwork Orange Clock

Clockwork Orange Clock

Funny Orange Teapot

Orange Teapot
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the orange teapot any way you wish (image credit: Pleclown). Some examples are - re-design the orange teapot, merge it with other pottery objects, show how it can be used in unusual ways. These are just some ideas.

Funny Security Code Orange

Security Code Orange
What will going SECURITY CODE ORANGE mean? How will it impact traveling around the world? How will businesses react? Photoshop your idea of what going to Threat Level Orange will mean to people!

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