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Funny Oranges Pictures

The orange elephantFunny The orange elephant
Member reactions:

Nice Elephant chop its huge creative mind behind this Good work hidden
Great job..... Kids definitely love it
Bronze congrats, luciano. Very nice job.
Congrats, Lucianomorelli. Excellent idea.

Ferrari style Orange TeapotFunny Ferrari style Orange Teapot
Member reactions:

Awesome.... The SUV is awesome and will definitely loved by Youth

No longer the Prince of OrangeFunny No longer the Prince of Orange
Member reactions:
Thought a royal portrait would be fitting, as is tradition.
Great look of the King.... nice facial merge and good color balance

The Orange GrenadeFunny The Orange Grenade
Member reactions:

Sumo Planking on an OrangeFunny Sumo Planking on an Orange
Member reactions:

view full screen
Nice job, should be rating higher.
Congrats on the wood Roby , great chop ....
congratulations, great work and great concept. ciao grande Pix....

Clockwork Orange ClockFunny Clockwork Orange Clock
Member reactions:

Squeezing Orange Juice Into an HourglassFunny Squeezing Orange Juice Into an Hourglass
Member reactions:

this is great. it should have placed way higher imo.
Creative stuff. Would make a nice ad indeed

Steampunk Warp Clockwork OrangeFunny Steampunk Warp Clockwork Orange
Member reactions:

I do like how you'v integrated it perfectly with the BG source
I love this one...I really do. It makes me want to look at each and every detail.
One of the best in a great field. thanks for the wallpaper.
I agree, very handsome chop and a clever use of what appears to be two sources.
Awesome, luv the abstaction. but would've been good to see the sources, so we could see how much hard work you put into it.

Clockwork Orange CupidFunny Clockwork Orange Cupid
Member reactions:

Me too. CWO and Fight Club are two of the best Mind F--- movies ever made Thanks for the comment
a lot of great work here + I love the thoughtful addition of Beethoven in the BG: Beethovenís Ninth Symphony punctuates the heights and depths of emotion Alex experiences. Great entry .
Ah... a spinner by the hitter. I never did like that movie but my husband does.
Stunning remake of the classic movie. I do like your "darkened" version of the poster better than the original too. You gave it a second life.
ah, this low resolution...... I agree 100% with NewsMaster : stunning entry ..
You think this is low resolution... well you should have see the source. It is a vast improvment. Thanks for the comments

Orange FuneralFunny Orange Funeral
Member reactions:

An orange has the right to live.
I love how you made the green parts into the eyes. Looks kinda freaky but almost real.

Orange TeapotFunny Orange Teapot - This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the orange teapot any way you wish (image credit: Pleclown). Some examples are - re-design the orange teapot, merge it with other pottery objects, show how it can be used in unusual ways. These are just some ideas.

Security Code OrangeFunny Security Code Orange - What will going SECURITY CODE ORANGE mean? How will it impact traveling around the world? How will businesses react? Photoshop your idea of what going to Threat Level Orange will mean to people!

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