Funny Oracle Chief on HIs Island

Oracle Chief on HIs Island
Welcome To Hawaii Idea inspired by : oracle chief buys hawaiian island Source :
Member reactions:
I like the work u'v done, Nice color tones too.
This so fantastically done to show how the chief is enjoying in the island after buying it well done on this chop to showing the flying island and the smoke and the crow
Great work, I like the island and the perspective of the road
Many thnx to zapscar vicspa UncleChamp Twister Sunshin3 suni271980 SteveGSQ spitfire46 roonma Ricketish RedaELKHAYAT rajeshstar otzie nonno NewsMaster Nanny maroon5 macwithfries lucido5 lucianomorelli Kellie jayl1 Ivan icecream HoHouse GrumpyOTJ groundzero geriatric GeneralPepper ericnorthend Disasterman111 dexter Coldplayer cicsaix ChipMcFarlane blackhole balodiya Armatien aintme
I think it's crap and if there was a zero, that's what I would have marked it.

Funny Ronald Reagan the Oracle

Ronald Reagan the Oracle
I used two posters from the movie "the ruins", as well as a pic of reagan himself,obama,the u.s. congress, and a nuclear explosion.

Funny Al Gore Oracle

Al Gore Oracle
Member reactions:
I love the humor of this one. The type effects are also well done. Only wish the source images were a little larger. Nice job.
Thanks, all. I actually did this earlier this year to tweak some global warmingists. Same with my other entry.

Funny Barack Obama the Oracle Speaks

Barack Obama the Oracle Speaks
We need to listen

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