Operating Room Death
Operating Room Death
Operating Room Death. STORY
Member reactions:
I don't get the black circle & dots by the ghosts ear,is it meant to be there..
Ah, I see it now sorry about that, looks good., think I'd better get my eyes tested

Funny Obama Operating Room

Obama Operating Room

Funny Freaking News New Windows Operating System

Freaking News New Windows Operating System
No more Vista, no more XP. No special requirements needed. Easy to use. Works on all computers. (Compression kills the red colors. Please view full 800 x 600.)
Member reactions:
I love the effect on the FN logo. Cool stuff. looks alien.

Funny Battery Operated Pencil

Battery Operated Pencil

Funny Battery Operated Hand Power

Battery Operated Hand Power
Member reactions:
This brings back a funny memory. When we were kids, we had our baby sister convinced that her ankle bones are where her batteries are. And when she gets tired, they run down and get changed when she's sleeping. What a bunch of liars we were... Batteries're wearing out, NAPTIME. Thanks for the memory.

Funny Walmart Operating Clinic

Walmart Operating Clinic
Member reactions:
The equipment tray should be reflecting the wall behind it. As it is now, it looks transparent. Also, the table, wall & ceiling look slanted and broken down the middle(like the image was cut & mirrored) and the rack in the back right corner is disjointed.....the wires don't match up.

Funny Halloween Pumpkin Doctor Operating

Halloween Pumpkin Doctor Operating
Member reactions:
great work here, i love how u keep the ears on the head , this need just some shadow under the light at head.
maybe u could put a little fire inside pumpkin head, just an idea
Something tells me this doctor's got no brains for this job. Or any other job

Funny Operating Room Anatomy Lesson

Operating Room Anatomy Lesson
Member reactions:
Good idea . Maybe you could improve the composition by putting the students further back under the lamp and darkening the background.
lamps need to be lil blured to match the doctor's sharpness, great idea and integration
neat idea... would have loved to see all of them in scrubs - except for the main figure.. . Good job.
I too like this one... small details here and there. But only if you look close..I'm no expert, so I think it's great.

Funny Coin Operated

Coin Operated
Coin Operated start car. On top of the rising fuel cost, now you have to pay to start your car. Of course this money is collected by the City for road improvements, (Yeah. Right)
Member reactions:
Lol its so funny but y would you pay to drive your own car it would be cool
Lol its so funny but y would you pay to drive your own car it would be cool

Funny Barack Obama Operating on Donald Trump's Head

Barack Obama Operating on Donald Trump's Head

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