Battery Operated Train
Battery Operated Train
Battery Operated Train. Member reactions:
Cool, this train is fully rechargeable. No train no... power gain.
Nice one fleek, thought this would be well up the running. great chopping

Funny Battery Operated Woman

Battery Operated Woman
Member reactions:
I wish they'd come with turn on/off button Sweet concept.

Funny Battery Operated Electric Chair

Battery Operated Electric Chair
Member reactions:
WOOD for the wooden electric chair. Congrats John.

Funny Battery Operated Motorbike

Battery Operated Motorbike
now it used batteries as main energy.
Member reactions:
Love this one luke. thought it would finish way higher. keep it up
sweet, I hope the batteries are rechargeable. Otherwise the owner will go bankrupt

Funny Microsoft-Apple Operating System

Microsoft-Apple Operating System
Member reactions:
There seems to be a green line (masking issue) under the box
also at the top and top left. a shame, other than that it's a nice chop
Was in a hurry this morning. Thank you and I corrected it.
Judging by the background, iDow causes major Dow (Jones) crash too. Excellent chop
Nice, I liked this one more than your 1st place winner.
Silver Apple for Rain too - double congrats.

Funny Barack Obama Smoking in Operating Room

Barack Obama Smoking in Operating Room
Does the government belong in health care. Obamacare will subject physicians to more government oversight
Member reactions:
Ahhh, it is excellent to see somebody else embrace this style. You nailed it, freaking wish I did this one . You got a tiny bit of what I term "chipping" which are white artifacts left from sharpening. IMO they can stay or go. I tend to clone them out because I figure somebody will think they are a mistake and not deliberate artifacts left in to add character. Either way, I'm loving this. Fantastic simulation of paint.
Thanks for pointing that out Hits. I thought the "chipping" added some sparkle to the image, and hadn't considered that it might be perceived as a mistake. Anyway, I removed most it on your advice. Thanks for the tip.
Oh, nice.1.. X10 Hehe, no excuses now, real or imagined. We gotta give up the big votes and bow.
Love it and thought it would rate higher. Congrats......
Congrats LunaC So does this mean we're going to find cigarette butts in transplant patients.
Hey Luna, I'll be terrorizing Myrtle Beach this comming week. If you see a nut on a yellow sportbike, run for cover. LoL

Funny Battery Operated Wife

Battery Operated Wife
Member reactions:
She's got a turn on, turn off, and a naughty button...Newsy you pervert. . that guy's got a lot to be smiling for,.
Good work. & LoL the comments.
It's a cool idea, , ad you did a great job. But the woman doesn't fit in with the lighting of the rest of the pic.
Allright Mundo, now where can I place an order for her

Funny Operating on Money

Operating on Money
Member reactions:
Well done. This is the state of private health care.

Funny Operating on Swine Flu Patient

Operating on Swine Flu Patient

Funny Operating on a Pizza

Operating on a Pizza
Surgery has never been so delicious.
Member reactions:
Bed pan pizza.
very believable is floating a bit
Any tips to help the floating issue would be appreciated ... its boggling me
Great job, give the pizza some shadows and highlights and it should be fixed...
Freaking clever, and hilarious. Me loves the full view. The pizza cutter tool in doc's hands takes it to another level
This chop kept getting better. I like how you integrated the uniform logos. Congrats.

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