Putin To Open A Can Of Hell Fire
Putin To Open A Can Of Hell Fire
Putin To Open A Can Of Hell Fire. Putin Vows to open a can of hellfire
Member reactions:
He's a "no prisoners" sort of crazy. Probably just what the situation calls for. Nice work
True but once you open that can, you can't put the lid back on it.
You have a point... genie in the bottle and all that. We shall see how it pans out.
I failed to mention, great chop by the way. Deserves a cup

Funny British Cheerleading Open

British Cheerleading Open

Funny Harrison Ford Playing Gold in the Tatooine Open

Harrison Ford Playing Gold in the Tatooine Open

Funny Obama and Clinton Opening Putin's Head

Obama and Clinton Opening Putin's Head
Member reactions:
Excellent work... Obama is just escaping and Putin has lot of information in his brain... which clearly reveals like the pic on the wall

Funny Christopher Columbus opens America for Kim Jong Un

Christopher Columbus opens America for Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
. To Macdonald's, me hearties, to America.
Might be what poisoned him hahahaha. Woody congrats

Funny Grand McDonalds Opening in Russia

Grand McDonalds Opening in Russia
Member reactions:
Very well done, congrats on the wood, Luciano.
Congrats on the wood lucianomorelli Though the people on either side should be lower than the people in the middle unless the street is bowed in the middle.
Let no Russian ever pass up a good deal hahahaa Great job and congrats

Funny McDonalds Red Square Grand Opening

McDonalds Red Square Grand Opening
Location, location, location.
Member reactions:
Love it, but what is the dark gray area around the Kremlin's red star.
That was "artifact" that I couldn't see on my monitor. Evidently it's time for an upgrade. Thanks for pointing it out. Fixed now.
Great view... lovely fireworks and good idea in new opening

Funny Brazil World Cup Championship Opening

Brazil World Cup Championship Opening
Brazil police, protesters clash as World Cup begins
Member reactions:
Very news-driven chop, Luciano. Gonna use it as a themepost for a new contest

Funny Bakery Open to Rats

Bakery Open to Rats
Cronut Bakery Dominique Ansel Shut Down For "Severe Mouse Infestation"
Member reactions:
Rats are celebrating the rock on party,Mind blowing
Good composition... rats are crazy and angry to see the bakery closed good chop well done
Remind me not to go there Great job Luciano

Funny Man Opening An Alien Rocket

Man Opening An Alien Rocket
Member reactions:
Terrific. What's the name of the rocket . ( I don't know alien language yet )
плохо, что идет бум
Yikes. I can feel the radiation emission from this chop. Well Done. and so is the curious rocket inspector. Great Idea.
Opening Alien rocket turns you to become one of them great work using the green fumes and aliens hovering around him good one
Such a great story. Love it, love the textures.
Congrats on the win, Hitz. As a bonus you get a golden rocket and a ticket to Mars
So busy I am getting behind. Newsey. I'd go too. Thanks NM, Doc, Alias, Luciano, Icy, Rajesh, Armatien, Jim, Splatshot, and Evirio.
Hey, Hits, that translated message hardly makes sense ("bad that we go, bang")
I replied to the Google translator "Bad thing that goes BOOM." in reply to you. Lol and that is the translation it gave me hahahahaah that is so funny. Thanks Pat and Bob.
Usted es bienvenido. He estado disfrutando de los concursos de los últimos tiempos. Pero voy a frenar un poco. Gracias por el buen cumplido usted.
My goodness, I love this one, you rock as always. Congrats on the win...

Funny Tennis US Open

Tennis US Open
For the moment I checked outside my window to see if hell froze over, when I've read that US Open officials finally confessed that tennis is all about showbiz and money to them. The idea is as old as the world - you take some game people like, attract the world's best players with tons of cash, and make even more cash from tickets and advertisements. The official total payout (men's and women's play) for the US Open is 18.5 million dollars. That's payout, folks, the tiny part of the US Open profits that goes to players. And in gratitude for making all this cash, the US Open boss usually slaps a winner's ass and says: "Good job earning me enough money to buy half of Korea. See you next time!" And the winner would usually sigh and walk away in shame because he can't afford half of Korea, and can only buy 12 Ferraris, 8 mansions in California, and 1 tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, the guy feels like a total loser. And yet, he'll come back to play again and again because he's got bills to pay and gotta make ends meet. In this contest you are asked to photoshop one of the following: 1) Design new tennis equipment using items / materials that don't belong to tennis. You may also create advertisements based on using commercial products that normally don't belong to tennis. 2) Show alternative / unusual places where tennis can be played. 3) Photoshop works of art to include a tennis theme in them. 4) Show politicians / celebrities playing tennis poorly.

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