Edouard Manet Online Dating Service
Edouard Manet Online Dating Service
Edouard Manet Online Dating Service. Tired of the boring single life. Let Manet paint that special someone into your life
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great idea and lovely job done on the chops with two different angle good one
its the Virtual Girl of Old time he has made...freaky awesome idea

Funny Online Dating Failure

Online Dating Failure
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I always thought Rainman was a little taller
Good work with the shadows and the funny mismatch Hilarious to see the Cat and dog smiling and FN flag too...........
Thanks, Senthil. Thanks, SteveGSQ. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, eric.
Had to go with the direction of the shadows from the background, Twister.
ol i see jones beach......... nice work congrats...
Right you are pree........ Had to use it. Thanks.
Congratulations Pcrdds. Fabulously funny.
Thanks, Master Rain...glad you got a good chuckle. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
Congrats on the Gold. Your inconsistent lighting leaves much to be desired though (just my opinion of course). You must have been in a rush.

Funny Sleeping Online

Sleeping Online
you have to admit...you would be pretty ... ed if this happened to you..
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I would also like to point out that the models that I used are definately over 21... I wouldnt want someone to think I was using kids. I may be crazy,but I am not sick.
the author's comments. I hope all the voters were over 18 too

Funny Barack Obama Picking up Girls Online

Barack Obama Picking up Girls Online
wonderful kratos source by Kellie in "members pics" and RWpike uber stamp
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hahahah can't stop myself laughing. Nice one....
heyyyyyy why you didn't chosen another pic of fn members . that totally funny hahahah but not fair can't wait to see who DID this chop
hey silver watch your words bwahahaha
bwwaaaahaha........bigbama,,((oh wait hes on my yahoo..
Thanks for the plug hidden and nice work.
congrats on the bronze SidKain, great concept and great use of sources..
SidKain congrats... very clever chop,, and verrry funny.
Congrats Sid Question is will Kratos soon be flooded with messages from politicians.

Funny Online Gaming

Online Gaming

Funny Man Getting a Drink From the Internet Online Bar

Man Getting a Drink From the Internet Online Bar
I have wished for this a few times
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Good one. Reminds me Out Of Bound entries.

Funny Woman Online at Night on her Laptop by Degas

Woman Online at Night on her Laptop by Degas

Funny america online

america online

Funny Online Banking Tutorial

Online Banking Tutorial
Online Banking Tutorial ~WAREZ~
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Definitions of WAREZ on the Web: Widely used to denote cracked or pirate versions of commercial software. In other words, illegal pirated software.

Funny Seniors Online

Seniors Online
Create images that show old people - senior citizens on the net. This could be chat boxes, dating websites, nursing home "net" activity, or online products developed specifically for senior people to surf the net.

Funny Online Dating

Online Dating
Create an advertisement that could be used for an online dating company. Use a real dating company or create your own. Think about all of the marketing ploys available. Using screenshot themed images is acceptable, however, please do not submit just text changed screen-shot entries. We are looking for full ads and photoshopped images.

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