Russian Olympic Doping scandal
Russian Olympic Doping scandal
Russian Olympic Doping scandal. Russian Insider Says State-Run Doping Fueled Olympic Gold
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There's always a doping stink somewhere...
But it is individual doping without state support.
Nice job, Andrew. I wasn't aware of this. Congrats on the bronze

Funny Olympic Cat Toss

Olympic Cat Toss
Not to worry they always land on their feet.
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This could be another world record if his tail doesn't break before the launching.

Funny Dog Skiing in the Winter Olympic Games

Dog Skiing in the Winter Olympic Games

Funny Snail's Olympic Cycling Race

Snail's Olympic Cycling Race

Funny Olympic High Jumper Attacked by an Octopus

Olympic High Jumper Attacked by an Octopus
Member reactions:
Very artistic composition, superb blending.
Awesome merge and very impressive work, flawless chop
Awesome composition. Maybe a bit less transparency for the woman .
Thanks Sulli, Eric, and Lu. Lu, I think it might be the grainy texture layer over the top you're seeing. I may have it just a tad bit heavy.
Gold Congrats, SplatShot. Cool marine picture.
Source fits perfectly in this awesome world you created, Splat. Brilliant job of matching textures n colors. The blue neck rocks. Congrats on the Gold winner.
Thanks Newsy, Doc, Wanderer, and Bob. Thanks, UncleC. In her dream the Blue-neck represents the Olympic torch... I'm not sure about the rest though.. Thanks everyone, for the very fun contest.
Gold Grats, I thought that looked loke your work.
Thanks, Gummy. I thought it a bit strange...even for me.
Sorry I am late. Had a puter issue. Great job and congrats.
Thanks, Tim. NP. I hope all is well with your puter now. Sort of strange the way we panic when this pesky device goes on the blink....

Funny Olympic Hurdler Jumps Through Painting

Olympic Hurdler Jumps Through Painting

Funny Vladimir Puting at Sochi Post-Olympic Games

Vladimir Puting at Sochi Post-Olympic Games
Member reactions:
Lot of things. A bit difficult to understand the concept. Good execution anyway.
Excellent transformation of the source and great political chop here

Funny Sochi Olympic Rings Stamp

Sochi Olympic Rings Stamp
Member reactions:

Funny Sochi Olympic Medal Stamps

Sochi Olympic Medal Stamps
Member reactions:
Great and new the idea to have round stamps
Nice idea and execution, could be real ones...

Funny Mario Land Olympic Team Stamp

Mario Land Olympic Team Stamp
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Clean work. I would not mind buying those stamps.

Funny Olympic Stamps: Sochi 2014

Olympic Stamps: Sochi 2014
As a sign of support for their Olympic teams, many countries are issuing new sets of stamps dedicated to the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. Such sets will quickly become collectibles for fans of the Olympics, and especially for stamp collectors. Design any postage stamps by any country related to the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. Some examples of what you could feature on these stamps are: show support for your country team, pinpoint some issues with Sochi Olympics, feature some athletes who are participating, as well as those people and characters who could (or could not) be participating in these games, etc.

Funny Sochi Olympic Torch Delivery

Sochi Olympic Torch Delivery
This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will start on February 7, but the Olympic touch is already on the way from Greece to Sochi, traditionally hand-carried on ground and even on water. On today's source photo the tourch is seen delivered through lake Baikal in ice-cold water just days ago. Photoshop the photo of Sochi Olympic torch delivery (photo credit: RIA NOVOSTI) any way you wish. This is a speed contest with just a day for submissions.

Funny Post-Olympic Celebrations

Post-Olympic Celebrations
So the fat lady has finished singing. This morning many woke up, flicked on the TV and slapped their foreheads as they realized there was no sport on. The 2012 London Olympics are over. Athletes are packing their bags and going home, while the countries are waiting for their heroes who are bringing home hard-earned Olympic medals. Many countries are giving extra perks to their athletes for the medals. E.g. Russia's Putin officially announced that a special fund of $10 mln is set to be distributed among all Russian Olympic medalists. Most Olympic medalists didn't wait to get home to start celebrating, and partied hard already in London. Take any Olympic medalists and show how they may (or may not) be celebrating their medals upon coming home.

Funny Olympic Torchbearer

Olympic Torchbearer
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of a London 2012 Olympic torchbearer (image credit: Farrukh) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the 2012 London Olympic torchbearer perform some stunts, swapping his female companion for someone else, putting the Olympic torchbearer into some new environment, using this 2012 London Olympic torchbearer image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Olympic (De)Motivation

Olympic (De)Motivation
Through the first 11 days of the Olympics, we've seen surprise losses and surprise wins, the (usual) controversy about the Chinese team (possible underage athlete use, harsh pressure on the athletes), disqualifications based on doping, athletes falling unconscious, and empty empty seats of the stadiums - even cardboard standups were used not to ruin the photoshoots and TV programs. Create motivational or de-motivational posters related to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Try to make them mimic the classic (de)motivational posters format - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and (de)motivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it.

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