Gary Oldman Sloth
Gary Oldman Sloth
Gary Oldman Sloth. Member reactions:
This looks clean.... and so natural No body will believe it was photo chopped
This is sweet choppage too. What filters did you use.

Funny Gary Oldman as a Woman

Gary Oldman as a Woman
Member reactions:
Like the idea, not so keen on the textured skin, sorry.
Young woman . nice match of hair color and facial makeover
Removing texture has made a huge difference. Looks lovely now.

Funny Gary Oldman Caricature

Gary Oldman Caricature
Member reactions:
Excellent transformation, though it's a tad hard to recognize Gary now
thank you newsy,you're right there is a mistake but i dont know what it is thank you JoaoN

Funny Denzel Washington Gary Oldman Hybrid

Denzel Washington Gary Oldman Hybrid

Funny Gary Oldman with a Toe Nose

Gary Oldman with a Toe Nose
Member reactions:
hey....... watch what yer doin to oldman........ nice work.

Funny Gary Oldman with Blue Eyes

Gary Oldman with Blue Eyes
Gary's Scary
Member reactions:
Capture's his devilish mischievous spirit nicely..
thanks tpbob. been fiddling with this for so long i can't even find the original
Great color touch here I am a big fan of Gary's acting.

Funny Gary Oldman with Nose Eyes

Gary Oldman with Nose Eyes
Happy Birthday Sir Gary Oldman. Please fullview.
Member reactions:
One of my favorites. Delicate work here - full view is impressive

Funny Gary Oldman as Rembrandt

Gary Oldman as Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Has a look of Charles Bronson about it. Nicely done though.
I think if you worked on the nose it would be better
Impressive, though it is a bit hard to recognize Gary.
Skilful blending of the eyes and mouth, but the source-pic hooter spoils the resemblance

Funny Knight Gary Oldman

Knight Gary Oldman
Member reactions:
Might have been nice to brighten the hair a little, in keeping with the rest of the picture but that is a minor quibble.
Cool dlending. He does look like a nobleman.

Funny Gary Oldman Bust

Gary Oldman Bust

Funny Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman
English actor and filmmaker Gary Oldman celebrated his 50th birthday this Friday. While Oldman never won Academy Awards through his career, he is one of the most famous and recognizable English actors. His fame started in the 80s when he played Sid Vicious in 1986 biopic "Sid & Nancy". His other famous performances include movies Dracula, Leon, The Fifth Element, and recent Harry Potter films. One of my personal favorite roles of Gary Oldman is his magnificent portrayal of Mason R. Verger in Hannibal (2001). One of the interesting facts in his biography is that he was married to Uma Thurman (19901992). Happy 50th Birthday, Gary! To celebrate the 50th birthday of Gary Oldman, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: photoshopping posters of any of his movies, showing what other movies he could have played in, what alternative career he could have chosen, putting Gary Oldman in famous paintings, or showing how he will look in the future. These are just some ideas.

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