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Funny Oil Pictures

BP Oil Spill Caused by UFOFunny BP Oil Spill Caused by UFO
Member reactions:
Edward Snowden also leaked some info about UFOs too.
Looks like it could have popped up on the TV or monitor for real. Nice
Fantastic response time. My hats off to the rescue team.
Looks bit real well done in mixing the fire and the UFO
This sure looks familiar. I must have seen the original documents, but senility has since set in (ha).

Player in the Politics of OilFunny Player in the Politics of Oil
Member reactions: As home to the world's cheapest gasoline, Venezuela has long had to contend with the hemorrhaging of supplies as smugglers haul gas across the border to cash in where the fuel costs far more.
Would be great if the rest of the oil companies would take a lesson from ol Hugo since we are not out of crude, we just have a lack of refineries. There hasnít been a refinery built in the good ol USA since 1978 if my memory recall is right.
One of the finest thing Hugo done for his country is Oil
Yep, credit where credit is due. He did manage to strong arm oilmen to quit the greeedy BS

Hillary Clinton with Canadian OilFunny Hillary Clinton with Canadian Oil
Member reactions:
Clinton Promises Clarity on Canadian Oil Sands Pipeline
ok youll have to explain this one....why is john baird wearing a military police beret.........i gave you a thinks I know who did this......"we're not worthy.."
thanx robinbobin. the beret is just a Canadian symbol, nothing more

Barack Obama`s New Oil CommissionFunny Barack Obama`s New Oil Commission
Member reactions:

Obama wants to increase oil production President Obama has assembled an astute team of experts to help increase U.S. Oil Production. Tim Robbins, Steve Carell, Sean Penn and Popeye The Sailor Man are just the men he needs.
I think Popeye was one of the first Navy Seals too.....
Yes, he was, Disasterman. Glad I could make you laugh.
Ever onward El Prezidente & long-live Popeye the OilMan. Very crisp & clean rendition of this Asstoot panel.
Thanks, geriatric. Love your spelling of "astute." You're a funny dude.
geriatric. You're far from an idiot. Idiots can't write funny lines.
Thanks, g-man, but I didn't win anything.
Thanks, Newsy. Can't have an oil commission without Popeye.

Barack Obama Soldier with an Oil CanFunny Barack Obama Soldier with an Oil Can
Member reactions:


Barack Obama Drinking OilFunny Barack Obama Drinking Oil
Member reactions:

too much topaz stylized for me, but the concept is nice.
Nice image. I don't agree with shadows and highlights on the hands. Does not look right. Fingers are too straight. Sorry, but that's just my thought.
Very good concept, but need some shadows to the tin in the hand
Thx for the compliments & advise for my future work . I would like to at least get 1 gold trophy before i die a old man , .....
I like the edited version. Though some shadows would be nice indeed. Remember shadows are your friends.
It totally slipped by mind when i as throwing this piece together , Thx NewsMaster ...

Milk Oil DrinkFunny Milk Oil Drink
Member reactions:

Looks mighty real. reduced fat and low phosphorus. Probably unleaded too

New Oil Cans of PepsiFunny New Oil Cans of Pepsi
Member reactions:

Octane Plus Oil DrinkFunny Octane Plus Oil Drink
Member reactions:

Now the ole V8 became a soda machine. Where will this go.
Superb concept. I hope these drinks are unleaded
that's cool work Tarkus .. congrats on the woody trophy
Congrats Tarkus. Nice job on the pistons.

Mobil Red Bull Oil DrinkFunny Mobil Red Bull Oil Drink
Member reactions:

"The next best thing to 'Real Coke' ha, ha.

Oil DrinksFunny Oil Drinks - The price of crude oil has hit a 2.5 year high this week on news that the Libyan revolt had caused large disruptions in the OPEC nation's oil supplies ó potentially up to three-quarters of output. If this trend continues, a can of oil is going to be more expensive than a can of Coke. Remake famous drinks (milk, soda drinks, wines, mineral water, juices, etc.) to be made from oil, and gasolin. Try to come up with appropriate names and packaging (cans, bottles) for them, and show new marketing posters, billboards etc.

BP Oil ContaminationFunny BP Oil Contamination - BP (British Petroleum) is under fire for creating the biggest ecological disaster in history. The spilled oil amount in Mexican Gulf is so massive that it's about to reach Florida while the BP's efforts to seal the oil tanker pipe have been unsuccessful. BP's shares lost over $40 billion (about 25% of their value) since the oil spill catastrophe. Show how BP can spill and contaminate with oil about anything - famous places, products, food, movies, paintings, people and animals, etc. Try to include BP logo in your submissions. Here's a good example by Destonio.

Oil DrinksFunny Oil Drinks - The price of crude oil has hit a record high of $81 this Tuesday, on fears of the supply decrease by OPEC countries, and the US dollar devaluation. The expected cut in interest rates by US Federal Reserve is going to affect the crude oil price further and economists predict a price of $85 per barrel soon. The United States remains the biggest energy consumer in the world market. If this trend continues, a can of oil is going to be more expensive than a can of Coke. Remake famous drinks (milk, soda drinks, wines, mineral water, juices, etc.) to be made from oil, and gasolin. Try to come up with appropriate names and packaging (cans, bottles) for them (Coca Oil, Dr. Oiler, Mountain Oil, etc.), and show new marketing posters, billboards etc.

Arctic OilFunny Arctic Oil - Russia has claimed its rights to the Arctic and sent a submarine to the Noth Pole which will plant a capsule with Russian Flag into the Arctic seabed, claming the ownership of the area. Recent tests showed that Arctic seabed oil deposits total to 10-16 billion barrels of oil - as much as 25% of remaining "black gold" deposits on the planet. At the moment no country posesses the necessary technology to extract oil from the Noth Pole seabed under 7 miles of water and ice, however it is only a matter of time before such technology is developed. With Arctic ice melting significantly in the last decades, the Polar area is becoming more open for exploration. Unites States, Canada and other countries are likely to dispute the Russian ownership of the Arctic and its fuel resources. Photoshop anything related to extraction, refinery, and sales of the Arctic oil. Examples may include North Pole refineries on the ice, underwater gas stations, magazine covers about the event, changed names and logos of oil producers, and others.

Oil ArtFunny Oil Art - The price of oil may reach $100 as early as next year unless OPEC members unexpectedly increase production. Higher oil prices mean higher revenues for energy producers like Exxon Mobil Corp., and higher costs and more bankruptcies among the airlines. US and other oil importing countries may expect accelerated inflation and devaluation of currencies. Let us imagine that oil always ruled the world even in the medieval days. Photoshop works of art (paintings, sketches, or statues) - to include any elements connected to oil - refineries, gas stations, etc. You are encouraged to show oil being worshipped, angels with gas pumps, people praying for oil, etc. Feel free to change characters in paintings with politicians and celebrities.

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