Russian Tycoons Offshore
Russian Tycoons Offshore
Russian Tycoons Offshore. The Panama Papers and Putin, Russian Tycoons shelter their wealth offshore.
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Awesome choppin and Fabulous job of hair masking. PuPu looks great with Afro. Congrats ringing the Gold Bell, SplatS.
Great one SS, def AZ Rainman style. Congrats on the gold
Thanks Uncle-C. Yeah he's Mod-Squad cool now. And looks high as a kite to me. Thanks, Hits. Rainman Style☻, I'd better save the recipe on this one. Thanks Jere ☺ Thanks, Bob.
Thank you very much my friend, Silver-K9.☺

Funny Women Watching Offshore Manoeuvres in Monet Painting

Women Watching Offshore Manoeuvres in Monet Painting

Funny Mitt Romney Visiting His Offshore Accounts

Mitt Romney Visiting His Offshore Accounts
In the murky world of offshore finance, there are loopholes that allow the very wealthy to skirt tax laws. Mitt Romney’s fortune (with $30 million in Bain Capital funds in the Cayman Islands alone.) looks pretty strange for a presidential candidate.
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Great job. Is that pilot someone I know. How about putting some spin on the propeller.
That Pilot has been around a few times Paul , ....
Glad you caught the propeller shutting down & not spinning so i winded it up & put a spin effect to it ......
Thx Paul , you always give very useful advise my man ....
All Secrets are now revealed so where is the secret.... we can see lots of money bags, currency and Obama is keeping a close watch on him very funny to him half buried inside the sand keep a watch on him
Thank you Geriatric , Goat & Rajeshstar for the nice comments ....
I yearn for juicy scandal on a small island...
Won't be much of a scandal because he paid U.S. taxes on the money in those off shore accounts.
Thx Craftyone & Gummy but we'll see the truth when the story hits the Newpapers .... Thx Guys
Best part for me is the way he keeps money on his Belt
Wood congrats, Chili. Great work, I like it

Funny Barack Obama at an Offshore Drilling Rig

Barack Obama at an Offshore Drilling Rig
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This is a good chop. Took me a bit of puzzling before I realized what was around his neck was a face mask, used for the lack of air quality. There is a slight bit of fringing along the outer portion of the right coat sleeve, probably accentuated by the dark background. Between that right sleeve and the torso there seems to be a bit of white evident, you could just paint that out quick.
Love many details here - really impressive work. My favorite part is flaming help message in the background
This one is really good, I thought it might even be a Rainman Keep up the great chops.
COngrats on a killer woody chop preemie. Great work.

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