Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge
Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge
Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge. Officer Down
Member reactions:
Very nice chop, I really like it, very sad about our Men in Blue, congrats on your win.
Congrats on the Bronze, Hits. Great job, with an emotional topic.
Thanks Bob and Pree. I don't even feel right about accepting kudos for this one for clearly obvious reasons. But thanks for the approval Also TY Champ, HH, gummy and Andrew
Hits congrats. I'm so glad this wasn't lost in the contest. Its clean simple and so so sweet ,,perfect work..
Grats spinner, nice tribute, horrible reality.

Funny Officer Rabid Rick

Officer Rabid Rick
He's here "To Serve,Protect And Infect

Funny Police Officer Directing Groot and a Racoon

Police Officer Directing Groot and a Racoon

Funny Child Police Officer Puts Thug in Jail

Child Police Officer Puts Thug in Jail
Member reactions:
Crazy and stunning smile, cool posture and taken over the role of mob Vs officer is great deal
I knew it had to be U, is that a song. Congrads on the Gold Cup,
This is soooo darn cute, as always another super chop from the best, congrats.
Excellent chop. I am a bit confused about the gender of the criminal kid - the body seems to be male, but the face female
Newsey. Not a problem. I mistake the gender of little kids half the time myself. They are sort of A-cexual creatures until they can grow some hair. Thank you for the votes and the top cup. I was getting pretty depressed. Not used to 1 out of 17 gold wins. You all spoiled me in the past. Thanks be to Newsey, Hobbit, HoHouse, Bob, Doc, eric, Luciano, anurahaallu, balodiya, and andwhat
back the winning trophies again. congrats hits.
Thanks Jere, and Wanderer. You too Jere.
Brilliant Tim, Well done on winning the gold.

Funny Child Police Officer Pulling Over George Bush

Child Police Officer Pulling Over George Bush

Funny Police Officers Catching Swans at Swan Lake

Police Officers Catching Swans at Swan Lake
Buckingham palace
Member reactions:
Personally, I like crowded sometimes and this is pretty cool. Just because I like this I will give you a technical suggestion. Rather than having your subjects diffuse and scatter the viewers attention have all the parts contribute by pointing to the main focal subject of the chop. Consider you chop a scene in a play and you have one or two main characters and the rest are supporting roles that help the main characters make the point of what the message is. There you go, composition 101 in Hitspinners list of semi useful drivel.

Funny Pig Police Officers Chasing an Escapee From Prison

Pig Police Officers Chasing an Escapee From Prison
original view recommended.
Member reactions:
I don't understand it...but I like it. Original view looks especially good.
Probably reason is that cops are called pigs somewere. Excellent.
got me by 0.003 of a point. Excellent, very amusing and creative chop. The FN gods favor you today my friend. Mucho congrats on the gold
I KNEW this was a winner the first time I saw it. GREAT job

Funny Swan Escapes Police Officers

Swan Escapes Police Officers
Member reactions:
Funny concept. Extra credit for creativity
By far the funniest... Love your sense of humor, Luciano.

Funny Officer Darren Wilson Retires

Officer Darren Wilson Retires
Nowhere to go now. Officer Retires SOURCES
Member reactions:
Will the masterpieces never end. Love it. Wouldn't a Paula Dean tattoo be more appropriate here.
This rocks my world, Hidden. But you need to remove the KKK picture on the wall as as don't allow any references to them on FN.
Okay, gimmie a sec or two Done
Great Character. Very Well executed. Best of luck.
Excellent work... his torn dress and a cigar indicates now he is free from his responsibilities No strings attached now good work
Outstanding gallery of caricatures. All to collect.
seems i got you at the last minute. great work hits. lots of work. the locks on the door are a great touch. congrats mate.
Congrats on the woody Tim. Awesome clean chop and cool caricature.
Thanks Bob and Dan. It was a little disappointing to take 4th after all that work but not disappointing to loose to better chops. As it happens there is always somebody that sucks hind nip
Congrats on cup, Hits. Great job and biggest ongoing news story
Yeah it is. Crazy stuff. I think the folks of Fergusson MO. are starting to realize they picked the wrong poster boy for police brutality on blacks. I an seeing tons of black people coming forward and saying as much. Having been somewhat of a former thug myself I hate to say I told you so hahahah But the dude was as obvious as a train wreck what he was all about.
Oh-thought this was JB. Ooops. Congratulations.

Funny Constable David Beckham Scotland Yard Officer

Constable David Beckham Scotland Yard Officer
Member reactions:
Dis-qualified bcoz of historical data. craziness
This can be his best and predictable job offer Looks cute in this uniform

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