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Funny Offensive Pictures

Military Offensive Funny Military Offensive
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Thinker's chop, creativity and innovations mix with smooth skill of PS Lovely work
Great down to every pixel. I like how you even made blood stains on her dress. Congrats on the bronze, crusader.

OffensiveFunny Offensive
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"Offensive Tactics"
Hey, where's all the money that would be tumbling out. Remember that sweet deal with the Texas Rangers. how Bush's old man's friends staked young George something like $600K, then just four years later the latter cashed out with something like $14M. But what's wrong with affirmative action anyway.
This is totally the gr8est, chopwise humour wise ya got me
"Bush's head is too fuzzy"...a lot of us would agree there. Nice chop. can you tell.
GREAT PICTURE... I think that's what he needs to WAKE UP....

OffensiveFunny Offensive
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