Odd Chop In Watervision
Odd Chop In Watervision
Odd Chop In Watervision. Member reactions:
Excellent work, I'll just signal one small detail: we can see the tip of the left horizontal stabilizer of the tail of the plane through the left fin of the turtle.
Denlig, you're so technical. I'm like, "check the pointy thing."
Thanks. It was late and eyes fail after midnight All fixed
Congrads on the Silver, Good to see great stuff again
The surrealism in this image kind of made me feel this might be your's Tim. Congrats on the silver Cup. Great work.
Zank ju mine frangs. Surreal images are a little more provocative than standard thematic style. Makes bepole go "" or scratch their heads. Guess that is why I do so many
Congrats Hitspinner, feels good to say that again, Good One, mine flew, your swims, mine didn't do well this time around, guess folks don't like Eagles, Congrats on the win, glad you're on here.
You have been missed, glad your back. Congrats on the Silver HIts.

Funny I just quit odd jobs in EU

I just quit odd jobs in EU

Funny 2-in-1. Presidency based on odd-even rotation method

2-in-1. Presidency based on odd-even rotation method
H: You promised to me will be alone. Who is this. D: It is my the Best friend from Russia and he asked appointment to discuss sanction cancellation. By the way he is master of rationing method.

Funny The Odd Couple Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

The Odd Couple Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders
Comedy Team

Funny Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau the Odd Couple

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau the Odd Couple
Member reactions:
Excellent job, hidden. Two of my all-time favorites.
funny... He is pulling his ear and the other is pulling his shirt off very funny and nice execution with a caricatured heads and awesome look for both good job done
Fantastic caricature satire from Ricky. Congrats on the silver.

Funny The Not So Odd Couple

The Not So Odd Couple
Flashing Newsy as he walks down the sidewalk. Obama is the Smoke Monster from Lost.
Member reactions:
Ha. Your in it now.. Bwahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Oh, boy. I should have kept my mouth shut.
Sure I got an ugly girlfriend, but she has a great personality...
Ugly girlfriend, huh. Okay, D-Man...watch out.
She would be a lot prettier if she had a case of beer under her arm
D...I'd be more worried about what I might do to you. Funny how Paul resembles Barbara Bush.
Mmmmm , i know these 2 guys , matter of fact , i saw them the other day walking down this very street ....
O-sh-t , i didn't see Newys the 1st time . Newsy must be on duty with security in front of the FN store ... WHAT YA DO"IN CHECKIN OUT THAT CHICK 4:20 O'CLOCK ...
This just keeps getting funnier and funnier.
Crusader.......... No worry, I called the fire department.
It'ssssssssss a wonderful day in the neighborHOOD, will you come out to play today., oh me, oh my, why do they pass me by. The new craze:Add a new part every 12 hours to the original. Question did u save each pic. or can u wip it or what ever.
Say you have 10, if u put them, original to end, on a slide show and show one at a time every second,then go back and forth u have a movie. Hope u know what I mean.
This has grown since I last viewed, heaps of wicked additions...most xcellent.
It's a work of a master, Excellent work seen here, nice image mix of Obama coming out as a smoke ... very funny to see the monkey man on the tree
Everything looks great awesome job done Congrats in advance
So many things here, nicely organized all stuff together.
You a Silver Winner bro , Congrats on the Win .....
Innovative, last time it was disappear, and now it's add new element. Congrads on the cup.
There's a smoke monster in Lost. Oh no, I just started watching that series.... heheh.
Lol, I wonder how their child would look like Silver congrats, DD.
Congrats on the silver, DD. Lotsa work here.

Funny Odd Flower with Caterpillars

Odd Flower with Caterpillars
Member reactions:
Fabulous photoshop work created from scratch.

Funny Odd World Man

Odd World Man
Member reactions:
tried to keep it to the 350 minimum but when I worked it was in 4000 x 5000 max setting and used the optimize for web setting at the 350 but would only let me bring it to 800 not sure if there is another way to make it bigger with smaller on the kb size
Not sure what photo editing program you are using but in every photo editing there's either a quality/compression setting when you save as JPG file. 350 KB allows some rather big files - take a look at other submissions on the site - they are all under 350 KB
thanks News Ill see what I can do on the next one out was using Photoshop CS5 and used the optimization settings for jpg at 350 and in my CS3 never seemed to have that problem so I may have to do some more digging Thanks all

Funny Odd Statue of a Man On Hill

Odd Statue of a Man On Hill
Just a little something for fun only used source image and some free cloud brushes for more clouds
Member reactions:
the shadow on the figure does not match the direction of the shadow cast by the bush and the tree ... the shadow should be behind and to the left of the figure

Funny Odd Things

Odd Things
Trivial things...
Member reactions:
Oddly trivial, yet undeniably entertaining very gd.

Funny Odd Bathrooms

Odd Bathrooms
Create images of strange bathrooms with intergated equipment helping spend time in creative ways while doing your "natural duties", OR do a simple bathroom re-painting jobs to give them an unusual look.

Funny Odd Apple Products

Odd Apple Products
Show us odd new products developed by Apple that didn't quite make it to market.

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