Funny Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal

Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal
Member reactions:
No Luciano yet the choice is similar to the original moth body

Funny Jimmy Page Holding a Guitar for an Octopus

Jimmy Page Holding a Guitar for an Octopus
Member reactions:
Awesome idea. Might use this for a contest concept somehow.

Funny Smoking Octopus Man

Smoking Octopus Man
Member reactions:
Surreal Hitster for the Hipster, Hidden. Nice job with brilliant colors.
Congrats on the silver tusav ,amazing chop
, super work.... Congrats on the silver. Lots of really good chops in this contest
congrats tusav is that James franco.. anyway very nice work... congratsss..
Impressive piece of work, it's a wise hipster too. Congrats on the silver, tusav.

Funny Octopus Alien Ship in Space

Octopus Alien Ship in Space
Scientists believe Octopuses might be aliens.
Member reactions:
Great thinking of putting octopus in an octo shaped vehicle.... UFO like the way how you created it is really awesome specially that badge on that ship

Funny Coliseum Underwater with Giant Octopus

Coliseum Underwater with Giant Octopus
Member reactions:
That's one big octopus. Release the Kraken.

Funny Alien Octopus Attack

Alien Octopus Attack
I was short on time. So here's a real quickie with a shortcut or two. Props to Roy's Art for a number of the great images here.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop...nice feel of a hollywood movie
Impressive art. When I look at it I start hearing strange sounds in my head
Thanks Geri, Balo, Gummy, Raj, Lu, Newsy, and Bob. My cousin told me not to sit on this one. Glad I listened now. Thanks people for all the great comments and high scores. . I hear voices too, NewsMaster. Thanks.
Congrats mr Splat. it's like what Dali would make after seeing Alien vs Predator.Love the jumping lion(.) in the back.
Thanks Jere. I think it's a little too tame for Dali. Yes it's a lion.
nonsense. Dali is a pus$y compared to the one and only mr. Splat.
Thanks Andrew, Hits, and Newsy. A Fun Contest.
Great job SplatShot. Congrats on the Bronze

Funny Olympic High Jumper Attacked by an Octopus

Olympic High Jumper Attacked by an Octopus
Member reactions:
Very artistic composition, superb blending.
Awesome merge and very impressive work, flawless chop
Awesome composition. Maybe a bit less transparency for the woman .
Thanks Sulli, Eric, and Lu. Lu, I think it might be the grainy texture layer over the top you're seeing. I may have it just a tad bit heavy.
Gold Congrats, SplatShot. Cool marine picture.
Source fits perfectly in this awesome world you created, Splat. Brilliant job of matching textures n colors. The blue neck rocks. Congrats on the Gold winner.
Thanks Newsy, Doc, Wanderer, and Bob. Thanks, UncleC. In her dream the Blue-neck represents the Olympic torch... I'm not sure about the rest though.. Thanks everyone, for the very fun contest.
Gold Grats, I thought that looked loke your work.
Thanks, Gummy. I thought it a bit strange...even for me.
Sorry I am late. Had a puter issue. Great job and congrats.
Thanks, Tim. NP. I hope all is well with your puter now. Sort of strange the way we panic when this pesky device goes on the blink....

Funny Octopus Houdini Magician

Octopus Houdini Magician
Inspired by this slippery octopus escape artist. Sources
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, colors look great, love it.
Fantastic work kat,congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the win, your pic is wonderful, like to see ya do more.
This was a lot of work and very well done.
Boy, a real beauty here. Congrats on the cup.
Awesome artwork, Congrats taking the Bronze, Kat..
VERY creative art. Awesome in the original view. Congrats on the bronze, kat, - very cool to see you again.
Awesome split level chop. Congrats coolkat.

Funny Old John Lennon Walking In the Octopus Garden

Old John Lennon Walking In the Octopus Garden
A Sorely Missed Free Spirit
Member reactions:
You've aged him nicely. Nice reference to the yellow submarine too.
Well you do keep spinning the Hits don't ya. Grats bro.
Congrats on the gold Hit
A wonderful job done on this pic, always enjoy your work Congrats..
Hi and . Thanks for restoring my confidence. Sorry I am a bit late on stuff. My IP has decided to sabotage my very existence Well, they are having some meltdowns trying to get services back online... permanently. Thank you Hobbit, Doc, Andwhat, HH, Newsy, Gummy, Luciano, Eric, Sai, Swashbuckle and Pat.
congrats.... He looks wonderful... Imagine..
Many thanks, Elegary, Wanderer, Swashbuckle up for safety , Pree and Bob.

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