Earth a Drop in the Ocean Under the Moon
Earth a Drop in the Ocean Under the Moon
Earth a Drop in the Ocean Under the Moon.

Funny Puppy in the Ocean With a Rescue Beacon in His Mouth

Puppy in the Ocean With a Rescue Beacon in His Mouth

Funny Submerged Car in the Ocean

Submerged Car in the Ocean
Member reactions:
Yeah, freaking awesome. The bubbles coming out of the car is a nice touch
Picturesque work, would make a great poster.
Congratulations DD. luv this underwater chop.

Funny Chinese Satellite Finds John Kerry Floating in the Ocean

Chinese Satellite Finds John Kerry Floating in the Ocean
Malaysia: Chinese satellite found object in ocean
Member reactions:
With those huge zoom satellites, this photo pay actually be true.
Ha ha swimming for dummies... a must for to carry when you travel by air

Funny Surreal Ocean Creatures

Surreal Ocean Creatures
Member reactions:
Nice image specially elephant is going to th hand.....
Fantastic work.... it looks like a fantasy thiller movie sequence... Love to see the slide of the chess board into the sea... looks real
Thanks disasterman,ricky, eric and rajeshstar
Lot of things here and a bit of surrealism
Good job though, the drop shadow from the bonsai tree is confusing ...
Cool surreal composition. I agree with QTR, the shadow from the bonsai tree should not be cast onto the sky
Maybe I am weird but I like the shadow in this instance because it breaks up the plane of reality and does confuse it. If you continued with the shadow on the hand as well it would look like the hand was supporting the elephant in an out of bounds scene. You'd have to do a little more shadow tweaking but I bet that would flip this chop right onto my weird-o-meter and pin the needle

Funny Penguin Drifting on Ice in the Ocean

Penguin Drifting on Ice in the Ocean
Member reactions:
I learned a new word from this chop. Love it.
In any situation they support to each other..This is called happy family
This is the result of Global Warming... amazed to see a tree grown on Ice Berg Save Penguins save Earth
Sad,touching and profound.Amazing chop,love it
excellent view. nice caricature good storm effects,
This looks line our next future. Great execution I love the storm too
This could be our next future...sad....but beautiful job done
Awesome work, and the dark red sky gives it an apocalyptic touch - works well with this composition.
Congrats on the wood, buna. You are on a roll.
. I can't believe it. Thanks all for your comments and thanks for the trophy.
bunacode its very pretty.... Congratulations
Drama.. Well done chop and nice contrast control. Congrats.
by the way, congrats to those of you who also won trophy's for this one. Your comment boxes are disabled on my end so am posting this message here instead.
Congratulations on the cup Bunacode. Your beginning to make a habit of this.
Nice work bunacode it's a family affair Congrats on the wood.

Funny RIP Pacific Ocean

RIP Pacific Ocean

Funny Barack Obama Parts the Atlantic Ocean

Barack Obama Parts the Atlantic Ocean
What in The........ O'Bama Parts the Atlantic and Joe Hangs Ten. Like so many others that have followed Obama, the Blue Footed Booby Bird figures there has to be a free meal in this deal. Source Images
Member reactions:
Ahh, a total beauty in full view. I totally dig that fish popping its head out of water.
Thanks Newsy. Lots of fun work, I'm glad you like it.
Well that was easier than building a web site.
This is a nice piece of work. I love how you parted the water.
After Obamacare there is nothing he can't do
Thanks Gummy, Joan, and Luciano. Yeah...Obama can do anything. Just ask him, he'll tell you so. ... I think he plans on dragging the Statue of Liberty back to France.
Thanks much Steve, Balo, and Hobbit... Thanks to all that voted and commented. I'm glad you liked it. Lot's of fun work on this one. Thanks for the Fave Newsy....
Congrats on the gold, Splat. Love your new avatar
Thanks Newsy. Yeah..this avatar looks much better, and is a lot less grumpy. Thanks Gumster, Hobbit, The Hit-Man and Doc Paul. A nice way to ring in the new year. Happy New Year to ALL.
Very very well done, SS. Great work, congrats on the Gold.
I second on that one. Very impressive chop.
Thanks very much KTO, and bunacode. I really appricate it. The idea actually was inspired by Xaos54's chop of Peter O'Toole a couple of weeks ago. Thanx for the inspiration Xaos.

Funny Strange Ocean

Strange Ocean
Member reactions:
Incredible artistic imaginary great to see a small bio diversity with an unique specious living together

Funny Unbelievable Ocean View

Unbelievable Ocean View
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