Matt Cruise Oblivion
Matt Cruise Oblivion
Matt Cruise Oblivion. Member reactions:
Pretty sure you meant Mat Cruise but I think we all got it Nicely done.
Quality work, but the image could be bigger

Funny Barack Obama in Oblivion

Barack Obama in Oblivion
Second Term the state of being unaware or unconscious of what's happin'
Member reactions:
Mission accomplished by his thinking. Nice work.

Funny Barack Obama's Road to Oblivion

Barack Obama's Road to Oblivion
Unconscious of what is happening around them.
Member reactions:
Obama looks great in the ride towards Road to Oblivion
This one is sure food for thought. You just really don't like Obama, huh. The man obviously ain't no Jack Kennedy. Way too polarizing. He's been compared to Lincoln, but Lincoln united, even his enemies. I don't know how history will write Obama's story. Maybe he does take us down that road. Great chop, provokes thought. Should have scored better but you can see the same technical reasons it got less as I do.

Funny Woman in Oblivion

Woman in Oblivion

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